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  1. Anyone who has spent any time fishing on Plum Island or the adjacent waters whould take a look at this. A new video, "Fishermen of Plum Island" is soon to be released. When I looked at the trailer on this web site I recognized a lot of the folks I knew as a member of Plum Island Surfcasters and NE Saltwater Flyrodders. Kay, Martha, Liz and the crew from Surfland B&T. Bob Smith, Rocco, Roccus and a slew of others. Great shots. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Goto http://www.plumislandfish.com/description.html and don't miss clicking on the video trailer.
  2. Surprised there is no comment on this. When it becomes mandatory to have a saltwater license, I'm sure we will hear from the whole choir.
  3. Nice to see your report, Stephen. Glad you got up to the Cape. Am I jealous ?
  4. Here's a link to the story with pictures - http://www.abc6.com/news/featurestory/2573...?corder=regular There was an even bigger fish taken from that area by a spear fisherman a few days before.
  5. Two more lures sold. This is what's left and my price. Make an offer. Price of 1 + 5.00 postage/handling. Two or more, tell me what you want and I will get the price of postage from PO and quote total price. Payment by bank check or postal money order. 1 Mdl. #6800 -- White/Blue/Flash colors Jointed $30.00 2 Mdl. #5500 -- White/Blue/Flash " " SOLD 3 Mdl. #3000 -- White/Blue/Flash " " $30.00 4 Mdl. #6800 -- Black " $30.00 5.Mdl. #5500 -- Black " SOLD 6.Mdl. #6800 -- White/Green " 30.00 7.Mdl. #3000 -- White/Green " 30.00 8.Mdl. #3000 -- White/Green/'Flash " 30.00 9 Mdl. #6000 -- White/Green/Flash " 35.00 10 White/Green------------Not Jointed 40.00 11 #1934 Blue/White/White bucktail -Striper Strike SOLD 12 #1920 Black/White/White bucktail " " SOLD
  6. Inattention eyed as factor in boat crash THE STANDARD-TIMES by Curt Brown July 22, 2008 DARTMOUTH — Investigators have ruled out alcohol as a cause of the fatal collision Friday between two boats on Buzzards Bay, but officials have investigated whether anyone was at the helm of the power boat that struck a Padanaram-based sailboat. "Alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor in the accident," Sgt. Rick Sylvia of the Massachusetts Environmental Police said yesterday. Sylvia also said that while investigators know the answer, they are not yet saying whether anyone was at the helm of the Reasons, a 63-foot, Gloucester-based power boat, when it hit the Priority, a 35-foot sailboat. Experienced sailors familiar with the accident and the bay have speculated that either the Reasons was on auto pilot or someone was not paying attention when the accident happened. Asked whether the power boat was on auto pilot, Sylvia said he "can't say at this time." He said the investigative agencies involved will meet today and there may be a statement after that meeting. The accident, which happened around 1:30 p.m. Friday about 2½ miles southeast of Mishaum Point in Dartmouth, resulted in the death of David J. "D.J." Walsh, 64, of Dartmouth, past chairman of the Buzzards Bay Regatta, and the retired president of Teledyne Rodney Metals, a specialty metals manufacturer. Warren G. Hathaway, 66, of Dartmouth, publisher emeritus of Hathaway Newspapers, part of the SouthCoast Media Group, was injured but managed to escape the damaged sailboat. Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter, said yesterday three people were aboard the Reasons — Fred Bevins III, 64, and Ellen Bevins, both of Gloucester, and a juvenile — at the time of the accident. Bevins, who lists an address of 22 Honeysuckle Road, Gloucester, is the owner of the Reasons, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Web site. He has not returned numerous calls from The Standard-Times to both his business and his home. Miliote said the district attorney's office has jurisdiction over the case because the incident resulted in an unattended death in Bristol County. "I don't have a specific cause of death to release at this time," he said. Sylvia said the investigation is still in its infancy and investigators are inspecting both vessels and gathering evidence from the accident. He added that investigators have spoken toFred and Ellen Bevins. Although there were other boats in the area, Sylvia said there were no witnesses to the collision. According to the Coast Guard, seas at the time were less than 1 foot and winds were 5 to 10 knots, with visibility of 2 to 3 miles. Curt Brown can be reached at cbrown@s-t.com
  7. Fred M. Bevins of Gloucester is the owner of the Reasons, a recreational boat built in 1993, according to a Coast Guard vessel database on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Web site. However, neither the Coast Guard nor the Mass State Police who are investigating have released or confirmed that information. :mellow:
  8. Something Fishy in Buzzards Bay ?? Last Friday , a large go-fast power boat ran over a sailboat off Padenarum and a very well-known sailor, at the helm of the sailboat was killed and his boat is a total loss.. Now, three days later, everyone knows the name of the owner and of the operator of the sailboat because it’s been in the press, on the air and TV. But, the same information concerning the powerboats’ ownere and, more importantly it’s operator is still unknown. Why have not the Coast Guard, the State Police and the local district attorney released the name of the owner and operator of the motor boat? Something is fishy, IMHO
  9. NMFS says while the license will be require in 2009 if you fish for Stripers or other anadromous fish inshore, or anything offshore and are over 15 you will need the license but, it will be free till 2011. Then, the funds derived from the license can only be used for data collection by law.
  10. Well, when you consider that ladders are not efficient with dams over 27 ft. high and elevators are and the cost of either; I guess you cannot blam them for opting for an elevator. If memory sereves correctly; Essex Dam is 32' above mean Spring river height. But, what most folks don't want to realize is that the restoration on the Merrimack and the Connecticut rivers has been an abject failure !!! I would not expect to see the feds or states spending any more money on either river. To do so, with today's economy, would be criminal, IMHO
  11. I asked that question years ago of the fisheries folks. They advised that the old ladder never worked well because of the dam's height. As for the new, when we had fish in the river in any numbers; the fish lift passed many over the dam. Just look at the old statistics. I spent a number of days down there with the guys from MADMF who operated the lift.
  12. I don't know who the "experts" are that say ladders work better than elevators. The old fish ladder never worked. What you see cemented over is only the lower few feet of the old ladder. When a dam is over 27' high, all over the world, modern fisheries rely on elevators to lift fish. The one at Lawrence worked fine as long as we had returning fish. Similar ladder is in use at Amoskeag Dam in Manchester and at Holyoke Dam on the Connecticut. Many Canadian and west coast rivers use elevators for high dams.
  13. Thanks Mike. $ received today. Lure will be in mail tomorrow
  14. How come no Great White Shark reports from the North Shore. The Cape & Islands websites are loaded with reports of sightings of sharks and of BIG fins inshore. So, time to get out there and look for the birds, and................................................................................................................................... This one was filmed by a Fishery Services plane following up on a report of a dead whale SE of Block Island a while back. It's an excellent photo and the dead whale is in the upper left corner of the pix. Some say the BIG Fin sightings were reported from boats tied up dockside in Hyannis, Nantucket and M. Vinyard who had seen a few too many of these fins...............
  15. One poor trip does not a season make.