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  1. If you are fishing from a boat you can 3 way them. If you know an area that has a rip just drift back into the rip line bouncing the sinker off the bottom. This method works best at night but I have caught stripers during the day doing this. Rich
  2. Pick yourself up a copy of The Fisherman. In the back they have a classified section for boats in all shapes and sizes. You can get a feel for used boat prices. Last year a guy was selling a 2yr old walkaround ( FORGET THE MAKE ) trailer, and slip for the season for under 40g's. Must have been getting a divorce. :banana:
  3. S WALLY Go to a military surplus store and get a g.i. hammock, or bug nettig, and some bungi cords. Just cut to fit. That is what I did for storage under my hard top. Just a thought. Rich
  4. This is a little late and it might be a little corny but my guys came home from Iraq Sept. 30th. Now here is the corny part. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my guys while they were gone. They are all safe and sound with no "physical" ailments. I am throwing a big BBQ for them tomorrow. I promised them that I would not cook any chicken. :banana: Thank You again!!!
  5. last 1 the living quarters This is the last thing I will post about it untill next year when I finally get to use it. :lol:
  6. 21 gal livewell
  7. Here is the console. Mine dosen't have all those gauges, it only has 2. The 2 multi functional gauges come with the Yamaha motor. Also the 2 way is flush mounted next to the drivers seat.
  8. Well I went to Google and found pics. of my boat. They are as follows.
  9. Smokey I was thinking of either Feel'n Lucky ( with a shamrok at the end ) or Expensive Toy. As far as the lettering goes, thanx for the offer but I already got that coverd. Here is a picture of the 22 footer, it is basically the same as mine just alittle shorter with not as many of the extras. They didn't have a picture of mine on their site.
  10. Well the wife finally found a boat she liked. Last week we went to the CT. boat show and saw some really nice crafts. The only walk around she liked was the proline but we still wanted to look around. Sat. we went to a dealer near us and she found the one she liked. It is a 24' Wellcraft walk around. Here are some of the specs.: L.O.A.with pulpit, 24'1" Beam, 8'2" Holding Tank Capacity, 12 gal. Water capacity 9 gal. Draft up ( approx.) 17" Draft down (approx.)32" Hard top rocket launchers 21 gal. live well raw&fresh water washdown sink stove porta poddy flush mounted 2 way radio satalite stero trim tabs pressurized fresh water system with transome shower 8 gal. in floor fish boxes with overboard pumpouts. There is alot more to add but I could go on and on. Oh ya it is powerd by a Yamaha F225 ( 4 stroke ) It is factory shrink rapped and the dealer is storing it until spring. Now I just have to find a decent chart plotter/ fish finder for it. Rich
  11. Z Check your PM'S Rich
  12. Thanx for all the inputs. Smokey The wife is on call Sat. but I'm already penciled in for the show in Norwalk. The nice thing about that show is that I will be able to see how all the boats sit in the water. Something you can't see from a dealer's front lot. Everyone thanks again.
  13. Hello Well got the ok to finally by a boat from the wife. We had to take out a loan for something else so we decided just to make the loan alittle bigger. I got the day off tomorrow and I'm heading down to CT. to check some boat dealers out. The boat will be a walk around probably around 25'. Questions: What makes 1 boat better than the other, besides what ammenities the cabin has , the type of motor, and electronics? I know Grady's and Boston Whalers are good but I don't HAVE that much money. I was thinking of a Proline because of the way they handle, but the wife likes the cabin on the Striper series better. All answers and suggestions are welcome. Thanx
  14. Charlie When I use to take the Renagade on the beach in RI you needed these items. High lift jack ( the old style bumper jacks work ) a board for the jack to be placed on 20' tow chain or strap flash light flares at least 3 first aid kit tire pressure gauge spare tire that is the same size as all the others fire extinguisher A friend of mine told me a while ago, he took his jeep on Nauset and he got fined for not having a self contained toilet. He asked me what the hell he could use for that and I jokingly told him a zip lock bag and a roll of tp. He never got another fine so I guess it worked. Another tip Mud tires are not good in the sand, even when the air pressure is dropped I had 2 sets of tires 1 for the mud and snow and 1 for the beach. Hope that helps. Rich