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  1. has anyone seen any action (fish chasing bait or birds working)? :blink: went out last friday no fish anywhere rounded up a few small pollack and live lined them had one hit and was bit off... suspect bluefish.... out by coney Island salem harbor.. heard reports of large tuna in Ipswich bay but there was very little showing on fish finder.. the seas were rough with big swells. trying to get out this friday weather permiting...
  2. going out friday.. try to snag some bait and do some live line on floats or dunk some chunks.....
  3. what island? the vinyard? did a little fishing caught a fat 34 in salem but not much else other than a ton of skate. Caught some small pollack off salt island for bait but didn't get a chance to live line them.... Any word on the fall run? haven't seen any birds working or blitz action... yet
  4. went fishing caught some fish no one cares
  5. nice to have you back and now we don't feel abandoned.....
  6. did hear of macs being caught by the breakwater in rockport...... any one else fishing...
  7. took the new boat out for it's maiden voyage... Hit the water no problem, motor started no problem.. no steering... a few wacks with a hammer and we had steering..... headed out from essex BY woodmans and went looking for SKATE managed 2 after one pesky striper (schoolie) hit on clam.. skates on worms.. no hits on herring.. hit the back side of cranes for a little water.. Heard reports of closed beaches in Gloucester due to high bacteria counts.. batteries died so it looks like an alternator problem... (new batteries charged themselfs a little) enough to start it back up and back to dock... did see a lot of birds working some kind of bait fish in the shallows of the marsh.. the little boat followed thru the maze in the shallows with the motor trimmed way up till we got an alarm.. think it was the low oil because of the tipped motor (multifunction tac not working with alarm lights....) didn't see any baitfish but assume it was small because there were tons of dip ducks, cranes, Blue herron and some little white I think terns hitting the watter but no gulls... they were pissed we were there and left.. there was no fish working that we could see.... working all weekend but it was good to get out after 2 weeks of no fishing.. won't get out again till next week.... did get the live well working but still need to mount the gps/fish finder..... tons of fun but not sure how the little boat will take big water.....
  8. I'm trying to get out friday myself... haven't been out in a few weeks but am jonesing... good luck out there.. maybe this cooler weather and storm front will stir up some fish
  9. Go out and try to catch some skate... I bet them pesky stripes won't leave you alone!!!
  10. looks like a nice yak but at 138lbs and 2500 bucks and then 250 for a live well (8 gallons) 1900 bucks for the 1hp drop in electric motor kit....... so for about 5 grand...... it sounds more like a small boat.... Ever wanted to gain access to the next new honey-hole but just couldn't quite figure out how to get there? How about seeing that sweet spot back through the woods, brush or shallows that you couldn't reach with a traditional boat? Better yet, what about that area that you've been dying to get down to, but there was no launch ramp or road leading down to the waters edge or that absolutely perfect spot that has been closed off to traditional motorized boats? Your answer has arrived. Introducing the new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler. One of the world's lightest, most efficient, feature-filled boats on the market today. A revolutionary design breakthrough with extraordinary stability. It has everything you need to maximize your angling experience without sacrificing comfort, functionality or storage capabilities. The Pro Angler comes loaded with features that put it in a class by itself. With a capacity of over 600 lbs., you can bring it all. Protected horizontal storage for up to six rods and two additional vertical rod holders. Space for 13 Plano tackle boxes, three in-hull storage compartments, plus an additional large on-deck storage area for an optional livewell or cooler. You get a fully-adjustable, breathable Cool Ride seat, a work area/cutting board and replaceable mounting boards on each side to attach your fish finder, GPS, lights, or downriggers. The Pro Angler is powered by the Hobie MirageDrive, which allows you to enjoy fishing without the noise and expense of a gas engine. Hobie Mirage Drive with Turbo Fins and a retractable rudder system 2 vertical rod holders, 6 horizontal rod holders Large front hatch with removable liner Work area/cutting board 2010 Includes auto centering foot pegs Length: 13' 8" Width: 38" Weight: 138 lbs Fully Rigged Capacity: 600 lbs Leg Room - Total: 51 Leg Room To Peg: 48 Hatches Incl: 3 Optional Hatches: 0 Rod Holders Included: 2 Material: Polyethylene Model Year: 2010 Brand: Hobie Features: >>Hobie MirageDrive w/Turbo Fins >>Adjustable Cool Ride Seat >>Retractable Rudder System >>Horizontal Storage for up to six rods >>Two vertical Rod Holders >>Large Front Hatch w/removable Liner >>Work Area/Cutting Board >>Center Hatch w/removable Tackle Box >>8” Twist and Seal Rear Hatch w/Gear Bucket >>Two Mesh-covered Stowage Pockets >>Four assorted sizes of Plano Tackle Boxes >>Replaceable Mounting Boards for attaching optional equipment >>Heavy Duty Mid-Boat Grab Rails w/Retractable Bungee® Gear Keepers and an 18” Ruler >>Heavy Duty bow and stern handles >>Integrated / Replaceable transom skids >>Two-piece Paddle w/additional T-Handle >>Drink Holder >>Dry Bag Options: >> Hobie eVolve Electric Motor Kit >> Livewell >> Fish Finder >> Plug-in Cart* (*Requires new longer post cart!) >> Rocket launcher style Rod Holders >> Gear Keepers >> Rod Leashes >> Anchor Trolley >> Drift Chute >> Stake-Out Pole Kit Includes: 2 for 1 Both Mounts Included! 1) Ready-to-go Mirage well mounted Hobie eVolve 2) Additional assembly to adapt motor onto a Hobie Twist and Stow rudder • Sealed, Waterproof Battery / Computer / GPS unit with charger (Lithium Manganese high performance Battery) • Remote throttle with LCD display showing range / speed data generated using onboard GPS • Safety shut-off key with tether • Waterproof components and cable connectors • Highly corrosion resistant materials and motor design • Cables for motor and throttle • All mounting hardware Total weight of installed kit - 18 lbs / 8.16 kg (or less depending on configuration) Including motor, battery, throttle and cables
  11. tough going out there with the rough weather... tuna are targeting the tons of spike mackerel out there and I believe the bass are too.. you have to match the hatch which is difficult to do when they target small bait off shore... the fall run will be starting soon...surprised the eels didn't stir up some action... there have been more large fish this year so hopefully the're making a comeback.. trying to get out this weekend.............. anyone fishing magnolia? I bet eels at night would be killer there as well as the slippery rocks in the dark... bring your korkers thanks for the reports everyone
  12. :rolleyes: go chase some footballs....
  13. I can't get out till maybe friday or sunday..... a lot closer than taking a trip to stellwagon.... just outside manchester harbor... I'm chomping at the bit..... too
  14. which parking lots are open? is there any beach open between lots 1 and 6 or is it still closed between those points? 23 Jun 2009 Read TopicDoes anybody cast net their own bait? I just bought a cast net a week ago and wanted to ask where you guys that do this go to load up on some fresh bait? 6 Jan 2007 Read Topicanybody gettin a line wet today?? 71 degrees out there guys im sure one of you went east 9 Oct 2006 Read Topicgloucester breakwater im fishing there for the first time tomorrow. can someone tell me a little about it and where i can park??
  15. all lots are closed until futher notice.... try posting a report instead of just questions...