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  1. Kind of a butterface.
  2. I've seen guys out on Stellwagen in Whalers under 18 feet trolling for BFT.
  3. Everyone has to calm down. I've seen a basking shark every year for the last three years. All of them were between 2 and 5 miles off of Crane Beach and the Anisquam river. The one I saw last year was about 12 feet long. The year before had to be about 25 feet and 1 to 2 tons. It was huge. I was in a 19 foot boat. The pectoral fins were about 12 feet wide. I got the boat in front of it and turned off the engine. It swam around the boat once really slow and then disappeared. The dorsal fin was about 4 feet tall and was sticking out of the water about 2 to 3 feet. This guy is yelling "it was big and it was a shark" which are both true but that does not make it a white shark. While it is possible, it is unlikely that a white would come in close to the river mouth. The water is brackish there. Whites are pelagic sharks that come in to shore to feed but not usually in rivers. There are white sharks in this area sometimes but most likely they are after the tuna and stay well offshore. If a you saw a white inshore around here I would expect it to be near say the Isles of Shoals or the little Salvages. Also I would expect whites to be here more toward October and November as the tuna migrate and/or the seal population increases. It is possible but more likely a basking shark which are common visitors here in summer.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. Most people have nothing to contribute anyway. Imagine if all 200 lurkers replied the thread would be a mile long and full of junk. Let em lurk.
  5. Well considering that the average fish I catch is probably about 27 inches long with some nice ones getting to 34 inches and the rare few getting up near 40 inches, I would consider any fish over 40 inches a big one and over 45 inches getting into trophy category. Of course a 50 pounder is always going to be a fish of a lifetime.
  6. African Tiger Fish, I believe. I wouldn't go swimming anywhere in Africa for a million dollahs!
  7. First, if you target blues and know you are going to release them, crush the barbs down on the hooks and/or use only one treble on lures. Second use a boga or other lipper. Third use pliers. Piece of cake. You might lose some fish but that's just an early release. :lol:
  8. If you really want to catch a keeper go on a real charter. Private boat with some friends. It costs more but you'll have a great time and learn alot from a good Capt and crew. I went on one a few years ago out of Gloucester and had a ball. Especially if you go next month.
  9. You can fool some of the fish all of the time and you can fool all of the fish some of the time but you can't fool all of the fish all of the time. Except in September. :banana: Which is 2 weeks away. :banana:
  10. 9 AM. Went out looking for blues. There are tons of them out there between PI and Halibut point. Got into some real slammahs near Halibut point. They were marking about 30 feet down in 80 to 100 feet of water on the finder. Huge schools of them down there. Solid red wall of boomahrangs. They were killing rapala magnums (deep divers) a mack color and a red/white trolled at 4.5 mph. I still have a dent in my leg from the rod butt. Arms got tired and went into PI sound to fish for Stripahs. On the way in found some 14 inch schoolies busting bait on the surface just off of Crane beach. I threw a 4 inch storm shad on an ultralight freshwater setup with 4# test line on it. This is a panfish setup. Those stripahs fight bettah than bigmouth bass!!! The big guys will be turning it up in a couple of weeks. Went inside and fished bait and got nothing. Went home. 2PM
  11. Ginger vs. MaryAnne Jeannie buries them both. That's why that Major Nelson was always happy. Braid for some things Mono for others. Every year the same debate. If you use the search feature you can find this stuff out. Here is the same topic from a year ago. http://www.surfcaster.com/forums/index.php...wtopic=7831&hl=
  12. Fished bait in PI sound near great neck from the boat. Close to shore so you could easily shore fish. Lots of schoolies between 15 and 26 inches. Lost count of how many. The action got better at about 6 pm. Big surprise. I cheated too. Used ground chum.
  13. Use a black swivel. Not a shiny gold swivel. And while your at it put on some light wire leader too. It doesn't have to be more than 40# wire. Just wire so it won't get cut.
  14. If you hold your rod you do not need a baitrunner. You can leave the bail open. If you fish your rod from a holder the baitrunners are nice but even then you can set the drag really loose and let it run then pick up and palm the spool and then tighten up the drag. The bait runner is nice but they cost some cash. I typically boat fish, and if I am spinfishing I am working the rod. If I bait fish a dead rod then I use a conventional reel anyway in free spool with the clicker on. The bait runner kind of gives you the best of both spinning and conventional. I don't need it. It is great for the beach for fishing bait on the bottom from a spike.