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  1. Have they arrived yet?
  2. I fished from Long Point back in late June and caught lots of Bass and Blues. You can walk out there or get a water taxi ($8) from down town. I fished from the top of the High tide using Storm Shads, Hopkins, Rebels etc all worked although the Hopkins (with a 6" plastic grub in the hook as well) was probably the best and most robust. After three days fishing I had to replace the bucktail which by that time was little more than stubble. Look for the break in the water colour and fish that. Good luck, Pete
  3. Unfortunately night fishing was not on my agenda, I did however fish the daytime tides from Long Point with great success. The outgoing tide was most productive with Blues and Bass hitting a 3/4oz Hopkins. I tried other lures, soft and hard plastics etc but for durability and productivity the Hopkins ruled. For the first time I reeled in a bass that was eaten by Blues (or possibly a shark ;) ) on the retrieve, all I had to show from a solid hit was a neatly hooked head and partial torso of a striper! The incomming tide produced just Bass but became more difficult as the tide came in. The only down side to the trip was a noxious federal employee at the permit station at Race Point and having to come home.
  4. Cheers Cambrandt, Solid advice. Pete
  5. I'm heading to the North end of the Cape for a few days early next week and would appreciate any tips for finding Stripers. I'll be equipped with a 4x4, spinning tackle, waders and a box or two of lures. PM me if you don't want everybody to know your spots! :banana: Cheers, Pete
  6. I have a pair of these, they work for me :D
  7. The parking lot at the North end of PI is full of construction equipment, pipes, fittings and a mountain of rubble, taking all but half a dozen parking spots. I predict that the fishing will be excelent since there will only be the lucky few on the beach!
  8. I was there too. No sign of any fish, but what concerned me more was the car park! What's the deal? when the fish do arrive where can we park?
  9. Cheers Mugz, I also eventually managed to find one here: http://www.maineharbors.com/weather/seatemp.htm
  10. I'm having a tough time finding a decent site for current ocean temperatures, preferably one(s) with satelite images. Can anyone point me to a good one? Cheers, Pete
  11. Congratulations. Feeling that first tap, tug, bump or yank of a fish hitting your line for the first time in months is a thing of wonder. I always fluff my first few hits, can't think why!
  12. I caught my first trout, well six of them, this morning on the Millvale Resevour. The place was stocked last week (28th) and the trout appear to have moved from the stocking location to the far end of the lake where it narrows and becomes an in-flowing river. I fished from a canoe but the spot was easily accesable from the bank. The fish where caught in five to six feet of 46 degree water with a little Mepps. Bloody marvelous, winter is over, bring on the stripers!
  13. I'd like to send a belated "Thank you" to all the patient anglers on the river at PI yesterday evening who hauled in lines and moved so that I could blunder through and land my keeper. It was much appreciated. The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession. Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
  14. I fished the Parker River mouth from Sandy Point on Saturday evening low tide and Sunday morning low tide. On Saturday I caught half a dozen schoolies on a KastMaster, Atom Popper and Slogo. On Sunday I caught the same on a old Rapala floating popper. Cast, jiggle jiggle, BANG! Sweet. It was cast and catch for a while, then a seal and a fly-fisherman turned up and the fish turned off....go figure! On Saturday afternoon there was *huge* blitz off the rocks opposite parking lot #7, unfortunately the fish had moved off shore by the time I got out there. All I could do was stand and watch as some lucky sod in a boat trailed them for the next half hour!
  15. I fished the Parker River from Sandy Point (Southern end of PI) for a short time on Sunday afternoon. It was low tide and I waded out to one of the many sand bars that form at that time. Schoolies where chasing bait and popping up every five minutes I caught a couple on a KastMaster and was switching over to a Sluggo when I found that my reel was hosed, I had no other option but to quit. This is the second and last time this reel (Small Penn Saltwater #720?) has let me down. Any suggestions for a medium weight (I usually use 12lb line) spinfishing reel? Anyhoo, I caught fish and the location and weather where perfect.