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  1. I'll be there.
  2. Surf rat - I've been using Mario squid strips for a while now as a teaser and they work exceptionally well. The 4" split tail in yellow has been my favorite. Just put a 7/0 bait hook on a dropper loop and hook the strip on it.
  3. Over the past two years I've picked up about a dozen cod over 50 pounds, biggest was 61. In the 25-years before that I got a total of six. Over the last two years about half of them came on jigs the other half on bait. In the time before that all of them came on jigs. Actually two of these were on the teaser. I would much rather jig for them but with the up turn in the numbers of haddock I've been using bait more often.
  4. They usually run out about two hours, spring and summer. Some times in the June time frame they fish closer to shore.
  5. Well while we're waiting for the stripers to arrive cod opens on April 1. The head boats started running today. May not be the same as striper fishing but their better eating so I have no need to keep any stripers. Plus it's a lot better chance for getting a 50.
  6. Eels, sandeels, needlefish, mambo minnows, danny's and Eels again.
  7. For plugs the Robert's ranger 2oz in green or red/white work well. Line stretcher in 2 oz flo pink is another good choice. If you want subsurface go with metal either charlie graves or hopkins. If you want a conventional reel the Abu 7000PR is a good pick or a 6500CS Mag if your just learning to use a conventional. In any case once you become proficient get rid of the levelwind from the reel, there easy to remove. Learn to use you thumb. If you go with a spinning reel the Penn Slammer 560 is a good pick. For rods I like one piece customs. In this case I like either the 1088 (9') or 1208 (10') blank, fugi reel seat and guides with a cork tape grip. These blanks work for either conventional or spinning set ups. If you want a factor 2-piece rod in the 100 dollar range the Lami SK10MHC (conventional) or SK10MS (spinning will do the trick.
  8. Who's going to the Plum Island Surfcaster show on Saturday 2/24. Crazy Alberto and Seve McKenna will be the presenter. This is the main fund raiser for PISC and should be a good day.
  9. The Worcester show as far as saltwater fishing goes has become almost worthless. Very limited number of saltwater vendors other then charters and head boats.
  10. Guyza - Choopy needlefish is the correct spelling. I fat fingered the keyboard. I've used these now for the past five years and they work great for both stripers and blues. The single tail hook is great when the blues are around. I replace the belly hook using a solid ring VMC with a split ring stepping the size up one. Many times at the Cape when everyone is catching blues one right after another, I will pick a striper up out of the middle of the blues on a choopy. The choopy is a really good match when sandeels are the main baitfish but they've worked very well for me in NH and New Jersey. At a little more the half the price of a Habs they are an great deal. The reason I wrote this at this time is all of the fishing shows are starting and this is when the desire to fish over powers the brain and you start buying all the things you don't need. One problem with all of these fishing web pages is they start people thinking that you can't be a serious striper fishermen unless you use a Van Staal or a Lamiglas Ron Arra rod. Maybe if I was going somewhere for many months where I could only bring one reel I might buy a VS but if your struggling to come up with the money you got to be out of your mind to buy one. I know many exceptional fishermen who use $130. reels and use Pac-Bay or Rainshadow rod blanks rather then paying double for an Arra. I'm not saying Arra and VS aren't excellent products, just that you don't need them to be an excellent fisherman. The one exception to my cheapness in line. Trilene Big Game mono and Sufix performance braid. I use mono when fishing rocky areas and change the line at least three or four times a season. The braid gets changed mid season and cut back as needed. Anyway it's smelt fishing for now, then cod and than the stripers will arrive. Plus the shows, Worcester on Friday, Plum Island Surfcaster's Feb 24th and MSBA in March.
  11. Just finished inventorying my striper fishing equipment and reading through my log to determine what I need to restock. After 44-years of fishing for stripers one small thing has finally penetrated my head. About 80% of the plugs I own have not made it to the beach in the last three years. I own six different brands of needlefish, Habs, Super Strike, Gibbs, Fixter, Stetzko, and Choppy, and I normally only fish the Choppy. I own at least seven brands of minnow swimmers in many different colors but once again normally I fish an Olive color Mambo. I hate to think of how many different kinds of soft baits I own when I normally only fish slug-gos (black or white) or green shad. So this year I will resist the urge to buy anything that already close to what I presently use and will fish what I have gained confidence in over the years: Eels – always my favorite. Choppy needlefish, best big fish needle I have ever used. Olive Mambo, 7 or 5” most consistent producing plug. Tattoo Danny, 2oz in white when the surface is calm. Slug-go, double hook 9” rig in black. Lead head with either a 6” ledgerunner or curly tail weight needed to get to the bottom. When I do fish during the day it's normally chunks or clams.
  12. I've used Penn reels for over 40 years an I think the Slammer is better then the SS series, not that the SS reels are bad. The Slammer is a solid reel with a nicer drag then the SS. The metal body SS series are good and the graphite body reels are also good as long as you stay within the recommended line weight. People some times load the smaller SS reels with 30 to 50# braid because their looking for a light weight reel and with braid you can load enough line. These reels have trouble handling this condition. Another problem you often hear about with the SS reels is the bail flipping over unexpectedly. This most often happens during the cast when the handle is in a down postion and the casting motion casues the handle to spin. The cure for this is to pack your reel with grease rather then light grease or oil. Plus when you pack it with grease water getting into the housing is reduced. Anothe good thing about Penns is there easy to rebuild and if you need a part there are a lot of shops the have them in stock.
  13. Think it's kind of a waste using a steel leader on fluoro, seems to defeats the whole purpose. I do use fluoro leader when fishing first light and evenings. Mainly use Ande leader material for night fishing. Tie a 130#Spro Power swivel on one end and a #33 coastlock snap on the other end. If there are bigger blue around I do use a 18" steel leader or 100# leader material.
  14. In my opinion if your going to buy Penn, the Slammer is the way to go. The drag system, weight and strength of the reel are really good. There is a lot of good reels out there today so I won't argue over which is best but I've used Penn for over 40 years and they have always served me well. I've been using power pro for the last three years on the Slammer with little or no problem. I'm a big believer that 90% of the time when fishing the surf from New Jersey on North, a 9' rod is the best size. The advantages gained from a longer rod are lost when you look at at extra effort need to cast one all night, at least to me. The main exception being an area like the canal where the longer rod is needed for jigging in the current. This doesn't mean that one 9' rod will do it. To cover the whole spectrum of plugging and bait I use three different 9' rod, using the 1087, 1088 and 1089 Pac Bay blanks. With a small difference in where you mount the reel the Slammer 560 will work on any of these blanks.
  15. There are much better places to stay on Cuttyhunk then the Cuttyhunk Fishing club. Especially if you have 4 or more people who can stay a week. You can rent a place with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer, a very nice addition. Out of season you can get these places any where from 900 to 1400 for the week. If you build a good relationship with the owner you might be able to use a golf cart part of the time. If you want to fish the islands and you have a group of 4, a 4-wheel SUV and a week don't forget Nantucket. But in the long run I think your better off on the cape itself. Easier to make short notice reservations, easier to move around when fishing conditions change, no need for a ferry, and if your from NH you get your fill of fishing rocky areas.