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  1. . . . love it! And I'll add that, of the 3 types of lamas, the "one -L" is the Dalai Lama; "two -L" is the Llama -- South American pack animal; and "three-L" is a big fire in Bawstin (a/k/a "Three Alaama").
  2. Question for tube'n'worm trollers. If you lose the worm (or run out of them), how well does the tube work by itself? PS -- after surgery in May, I've only recently gotten back on the water (rocks off Swampscott). Been catching a few fish, but all of them small -- 14-25 inches.
  3. 2 thoughts: 1. Is she saying that the Sox 'suck?' 2. Good thing she doesn't root for the 'Twins.'
  4. 15 kayaks? Maybe "guy yakkers."
  5. Just a quick question. In the fall, in past years I've gone looking for blitzes from shore. From the kayak, I usually try to get the tube down near the bottom, but I'm wondering if in the fall I ought to troll higher up in the water column, given the greater likelihood of fish being near the surface.
  6. Great report. I'll share an interesting kayak experience from yesterday (Sunday) . . . I was out off Swampscott, around Little's Point, betw. Phillips Beach and Eiseman Beach. When a fish hits, usually I see a quick twitch on the rod tip, and then the fish really nails it and the fun begins. Yesterday, twice, there was no first twitch -- just a slam right away, and then followed by a couple of short, hard jerks. I'm hooked up, with the drag going out. And then, after about 30 seconds, nothing. Gone. And then I find the worm still on the hook. NOT a seaweed hangup . . . THis happened twice. I can't explain it -- I'm wondering if a big one crashed the tube from the front and was gulping it down and never got to the worm. Does that sound ridiculous? Any other tube'n'wormers ever had that happen?
  7. You've got my vote.
  8. The approaching blitz season should help your spirits and confidence. And yes, the feeding habits are changing -- more fish chasing the bait toward the top of the column these days . . . A couple of catches during blitzes helped my frame of mind a few years ago, when I felt exactly the same despair that you're feeling (I was just starting) . . . and I still get a skunk once in a while, but I usually catch a few. The tube'n'worm really did it for me -- thanks to the ridler -- and btw does anyone know where he's been?
  9. Haven't been out that many times this year but have had moderate success with the tube and worm off Swampscott and M'head. Took a skunk yesterday, and was tempted to abandon the T&W . . . but what's the next best thing? The T&W has been by far my best producer from the yak, and I decided to just keep trying different depths rather than switch. Later I talked to a guy trolling from a boat, who told me that nobody was catching anything ysterday (24th, afternoon). Any thoughts/suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the tips everybody. Cambrandt, are you sure that lake's closed? I'm talking about the Mirror Lake in Woodstock -- not the one in the Lakes region (Belknap County) . . . but I appreciate your suggestions.
  11. I don't know anything about trout fishing (do mostly salt and some freshwater bass fishing) . . . but I'm heading up to a NH cabin in early Nov. and am told that the lake (Mirror Lake, near Woodstock) holds rainbows and browns. Any basic tips? I don't flyfish. What types of lures? Some sort of spinner? Fake worms? I'm guessing that I'll need to fish deep and work lures slowly. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  12. One note about setting a tight drag . . . I've been just learning, too, and familiar with the tail slap before the take . . . but last time out w/no tail slap, the line just started screaming like I've never seen before . . . and then snapped. Pete at the bait shop explained that when the reel gets going that fast something in the gears gets heated up and actually tightens the drag even more. My guess is that it was a large blue. But I'll never know.
  13. Great thread -- let's identify the Yogi Berra of fishing (I mean that as a high compliment).
  14. Great to hear of your success. I also have the Ridler and others in this forum to thank for recent success with the T&W. I love the fight from the yak. Thanks to all!
  15. Ridler - followed your advicem lost the trolling sinker and pulled 3 fish from the yak off swampscott. By losing the sinker, I found I had fewer hangups on the rocks and yes, the action was affected. No keepers, but all 25-27" . . . thanks! One question -- lots of times the stripers seem to hit once and then take the hook on their second hit. Some guys I talked to said the stripers like to slap at the tube with their tails and then come around behind . . . Not sure how anybody would know that, but I've definitely noticed them hitting twice . . . Any thoughts?