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  1. I went out last nite between 6 and 7:30 PM!!! It was cold and wet but worth it!!! Non-stop schoolie action in the river!!! All fish were 12 to 20 inches long!!! I used a white jighead (1 oz) with a green tail!!! :D :( :(
  2. You do need a license to fish the river from the 495 bridge in Haverhill up river!!! It used to be no license needed up to the Lawrence Dam, but they changed it a few years back!!! Rocks Village is really a part of Haverhill and is located on one side of the bridge with Merrimac!!! If you cross the bridge you will end up in West Newbury where on the right side you can fish for shad!!! Best time and chance to catch shad for me has been right after the high tide to the first couple of hours on the outgoing tide!!! Good Luck to all!!! :D
  3. I saw some guys fishing at the Rocks Village Bridge!!! They were on shore and in boats!!! Did not stay long enough to see anyone catch any!!! But, I would say the dhad are here!!! :banana:
  4. I will be down around Mohegan Sun this week and was wondering if there is any place to fish for stripers in that area!!! From trips to that area before, I have noticed a river with a bridge which is down in the valley below Mohegan Sun!!! Are there any spots to fish from shore around that bridge? Is that a good area to fish fro blues and stripers? Thanks for any help!!! :banana:
  5. I bought some GULP saltwater sandworms to try!!! I was thinking of using them as a tail on a jighead? :banana:
  6. No reports of any fish yet!!! But, things are ahead of schedule!!! Looks like around May 2nd or 3rd the stripers should be here!!! :banana:
  7. No reports of any shad being caught yet!!! But, it should happen any day now!!! :banana:
  8. Best thing for me early is a white skirted jig head with a curly tail!!! Slow retreive works best!!!
  9. When Wells is back pitching he will be traded which will make room for Clemens to come to the Red Sox!!!
  10. Nice Fish!!! Now I am really hungry!!! :banana:
  11. Congrats!!! What a cutey!!! Mom, I can see it in her eyes, she is saying= "Mom, take me fishing!!!" :P
  12. Here at Plum Island the stripers usually return in good numbers around the 15th of May!!! These are schoolies from 12 to 25 inches!!! The big ones will show on the Flats around the middle of June!!! Also, upriver by the Chain Bridge Islands!!! Best times to fish the Flats are 1 to 3 hours after high tide!!! For up river you can fish 1 hour before high tide and then there is a lull at high tide til about 1 hour after high tide!!! You will have good fishing for only about an hour after that!!! Try top water plugs and mambo or yozuri minnows!!! Bluefish tend to arrive around August 1st when the water is warmer!!! They can be found in good numbers in the river up to and around the Salisbury Boat Ramp area mainly at high tide!!! They are spotty further up river, but still can be caught up by the Newburyport Bridge!!! At the turn of the tide at the mouth from outgoing to incoming is usually a good time to hook up with blues, either by trolling with rappalas's etc, or fishing from shore at the P.I. jetty with poppers!!! Usually when I am trolling for blues and hook up, I will turn to using plugs on top!!! Nine times out of ten I will hook up that way too!!!
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy some salt water pork rinds and GULP artificial baits like sea worms/blood worms/ mackeral etc.? Do any local shops carry these items? Thanks!!!
  14. The "Silent Majority" is reading!!! LOL's!!!
  15. I would say they are baby morey eels!!!