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  1. Finding Blues and a few Stripers in Boston/Quincy Area. Glad to read some posts too! Can anyone recomend a few plugs and lures for working the mouth of a river or when the blitz's are occurring? Thanks, Phil
  2. If it makes the people who get skunked feel any better, I did'nt catch a fish all season long. About 10 trips (all nighters) was'nt drinking etc... Enjoyed myself though -- got away from work, Best moments were when I got a chance to snag some pogies or shad and live lined them... Waiting for a cow to strike... I was after the 55+ pounder so if you look at it that way... Statistically I'm right in their with 99.5% of the guys out there fishing, who did'nt get one of those Monsters ;-) BUT I know the best time to hook onto a cow is now... It's all about fun... and some R&R for me... Good Luck with the Fall run!!!!!!!! Phil :surfing: B) and working...
  3. Now there's a great idea! My luck though --- I'd snag a herring and be up the creek ;-) But Charle your absolutely right. Next week I'll head over to the local bait store and make sure before go... P.S. What makes you thing I did'nt break down and try snagging those stripers? ;-) lol... :banana:
  4. Your making a lot of sense now. I bet they are the Hickory Shad, here I was doubting all my past knowledge! Wow... Even if there not I'll pretend they are. I'm over in the Marsh grass by Lowes - Weymouth. Phil P.S. Plus years past I remember at the Marina being able to look at tons of stripers at night (small < 24") and see them stub there noses at just about everything.
  5. Thanks for the tips but no luck. Refreshed my knowledge about eel technigues before heading out tonight. Still not even a bit. I think I figured out whats happeing. These fish must be scoolies (small time) and even a small eel, when there's plenty of (very small fish to be had) just are'nt interested. The occational runs I get once in a while are probably stray (keepa's ;-) . Oh well back to work till next week. Then I think I'll try on the low, ;-) Any comments are certainly welcome, could always use some pointers... Thanks, Phil :D :surfing:
  6. My name is Phil and yes I am addicted to staying up till morning fishing. :D I have'nt posted much but always view the site topics so I add a lot of "hits" for statistics when measuring the usage of the forum. Well, I got a chance to fish a local river (South Shore - Quincy/Weymouth area) and tried just about everything to catch a fish. I been fishing salt for quite a few years too! Back when Stripes were mystical and Pogies were plentiful. In short I have tried a few times to fish a fast moving river and have had a few very nice strikes, last year I did get to pull a nice 23#er from the river. But my effectiveness is very limited especially when I can hear many. many fish just slamming the top water. I was going to get a needle/pencil fish lure 2 oz and maybe some worms but also could use some help. I've tried Clams, Mackeral, Pogie and Hearing(sea run).... Batting (0 for 7) I know you have to put in the time and also "find the fish". But I think I found them. Any advise would be great... Thank You, Phil :D
  7. Surfrat I know how to eat with chop sticks! Its figuring out those newly stocked trout! :P :P
  8. I'm not kidding when I say that I like to take my 86 yr old dad there and most of the time never really get a chnce to fish cause i'm always helping him reall in the fish. in the past it's been phenominal! being a metropolitian pond they ussualy keep it well stocked. It a nice gettaway early in the spring. Highly recomended! Pardon the onr hand typing I'm eating some chow with chop sticks;-) while typing!
  9. SKUNK,SKUNK,SKUNK....... But at least i did'nt have to clean any fish ;-) I was at Houghtons Pond, nothing doing last few days, very unusual, I know the waters so cold they're probably not interested yet in feeding. Still had fun, I'm sure they'll start biting with a fury in a few days, now that I'll be busy. Good Luck! :P
  10. I happened to drive by Houghtons pond in Milton after work this morning and was wondering if anyone is taking advantage of the open water. looks like a early season this year. Any reports? Phil Fixed my muffler instead of soaking a line... Maybe next week!
  11. I would certinly keep the fish! Any other fish I caught after that, would be released unless injured and of legal size. My luck I'd be short on cash to mount the sun of a gun! Then again, too bad the New England aquarium did'nt have a "live" Striper exhibit. Phil
  12. I've been trying to get my hand on the companies financials. They are a privately owned company that states on the company web site that a large stake in Coke Inc. stock is used to finance he company operations. Here's a link to there vision statement. http://www.wcbradley.com/visionvalues.asp This is getting interesting;-) Phil Feels like I'm digging into a can of worms, pun intended ;-)
  13. Marketing firms are trying to sell an experience. A life style such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts contrast two different types of people. Dunkin donuts satisfies a need, while Starbuck caters to a need and a want or desire. In the case of the reel, I imagine its not so much life style as just pure enjoyment and personal satisfaction. BUT it's ment for a reel (pun intended) good purpose to catch fish! Sure its price is most likely excessive, comparitively speaking about only utility. But it also provides a ... :blink: I've a week of between Christmas and New Years, any smelt to be had! Stripercity78 which dirrction to your link on the cost of Stripers, sounds interesting. Phil
  14. Speeking from an accounting point of view kinda. I justify the cost due the amount of fishing time you put in. $700 sure is a lot of money but if someone enjoys the reel and uses it 23-24 times a year for 3 years whats the breakdown for a variable cost? 10 bucks a trip. How many of us pay more for bait that that and this reel can be sold to recoup some of the initial investment. Now when you figure a night of fishing and what it costs; eels, gasoline, other baits, time, a couple bucks at the coffee shop, heck the 10 bucks a trip doesnt stand out that bad. I'd be interested to know what the average expense of a night fishing is, minus the lost sleep. Phil P.S. anyone smelting, or hear of any action. If I'm going to drive to Marina Bay. I'd hope they'd be biting.
  15. I would have tried t live line the laprey (sp) eel! Suprised another schooly does'nt have it for dinner????? Phil