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  1. Haven't hit the bay lately but I can confirm that there's fish to be found from Pt. Judith west. The usual spots have been producing at night, blitz action along the beaches and outflows during the day, mostly bass with some bigger blues in the mix. It's a little spotty but that's to be expected. Lots of schoolies and nothing over 20# for me but they're all fat and fiesty. A couple weeks left at least, if you can bear the cold of course :banana:
  2. very true zippy :wacko:
  3. I might be too late here, but you could also check out Bailey's super stream cleats... http://www.fishusa.com/tackleshop/catalog_...487BEE&fx=1 I've been using these for 3 seasons and they work great, just as good if not better than korkers without the hassle and maintenance. I got them 1 shoe size bigger so they fit over my wader boots, just slip them on, tighten the cord and hit the rocks. I use them a lot and there is minimal wear thus far. The price on that link seems a little high, I got them from a b&t in rhody for $35 in '04, worth every penny though. Good luck...
  4. Very good advice. #4 is tough, it's kinda like learning to use circle hooks, but it will get you more fish. Another good strategy with poppers (and most plugs) is letting the lure appear "stunned" if you miss a fish on the first strike. Stop cranking, give it a twitch every couple of seconds, and most times they'll hit it again. I learned this from an old salt who was feeling charitable one night when we were the only two fishing this normally crowded spot. My plug would get hammered but I couldn't hook up, and I would keep working my lure after the miss. This guy was pulling in 15#+ bass on every drift, and after a half hour he told me his secret... must have felt bad for me :D I carry a few Danny's of different sizes/colors and they will work in all light conditions, but it seems to depend on the depth of the water and where the fish are holding. I tend to use them and needlefish interchangably depending on the bait that's around.
  5. The moon is near the top of my excuse list... I've blamed many bad nights on the full moon :D For me it seems to depend on where I'm fishing though. There's a lot variables that make up a spot and this may or may not be a factor. The major effects of the moon on fishing conditions are light and tidal exchange. Less light equals more cover. In general a larger tidal exchange will create or enhance rips that the bass patrol, and may draw more fish to an area. There's only one way to find out...
  6. Thanks for the tip Bob :lol: I guessed 2 weeks, but it's kind of an arbitrary thing unless of course you're lucky enough to have a fall-run-o-meter like TatooBob. I would think it's already started in the northern end of the range but it still may be a couple of weeks before we see larger schools marauding along our favorite southern New England beaches. I've ran into some "fall-like" scenarios over the past 3 weeks and have been seeing a lot of bait... hopefully I'll see some bigger bass soon. No more hurricanes, please! Good luck all...
  7. Skipped out of work early Friday and fished the mouth around the evening low. Other than a few large stickjams and some random garbage the place looked good, and the usual structure seems intact though things have moved around a bit. No awful smells thankfully. The showers and beach closings seemed to keep a lot of people away so it wasn't too crowded. I heard two reasons for the beach closure... rough water and bacteria. Anyone know for sure??? I tossed clams over the edge of the sandbar for 3hrs and had a 20+ bass outing, with 5 keepers to 31". All healthy looking fish, though I think I'll wait a bit longer before eating anything from the area :banana: Everyone on the bar/beach was catching, but the clams were getting bigger fish than flies/plastic. Microbass moved in after slack and I called it a day. I wish everyone followed the no wake rule, one of the party boats went through and I got drenched... kinda nasty! Went down to Horseneck Beach / Gooseberry Island yesterday to bbq in the sun and dunk some worms. Neither the sun nor the bass were there consistently. We managed 1 schoolie and 1 skate all afternoon between 4 of us, even though there were small fish busting everywhere on the incoming. One of these days I'll figure out how to fish that area...
  8. That defintely beats me Smokey, and that's not a battle anyone wants to win :banana: I'm going to try and make up for it tomorrow...
  9. Went back to the same breachway as last week yesterday night. Strong SW wind, mild, and not crowded. The outflow and tide were real strong and we couldn't keep our plugs in the "fishy" part of the rip. One of those situations where you know the fish are there and you just can't get anything to them. One guy said he got a 34" before we got there and his buddy confirmed. We had several strikes over an hour between the two of us, and I lost one. A good one. It was a vicious take, I set hard, and she turned and ran like my 8' power stick/7500ss weren't even there. The fish peeled away line in an impressive 15 second run, then paused, then another 10 second or so run. I tightened my drag slowly and when she stopped I turned her and started to take line back. On the second pump the line went slack. I'm still scratching my head... no break-off, I had a good set straight on, the hooks were sharp, and the line was tight throughout. I've never had a plug dropped after a run like that and it's still burning me up. It would have been better to not hook up at all. Everyone knows the ones that get away are always huge :banana: but I think there's a good chance that I lost my best striper ever. It got too weedy after an hour so we walked the beach and fished around the rocks. No fish, but we did manage to find a pile of fresh squid sitting on a large flat rock. Not sure if they were someone's bait or they got stranded on the outgoing, but at least I got some fluke bait out of the night. I hate "one that got away" stories...
  10. Just saw this fell, sorry I didn't reply sooner. If she's a first-timer I would stay away from the breachways. I usually take my less experienced friends to the west wall on pt. judith in narragansett. Plenty of fish, easy access, and no long casts/waders/korkers required. Here's a map... http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=na...061884&t=h&om=1 Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the reports guys, good to hear that the area is fishable again. Congrats on the 25" shad surf rat, that is quite a fish. Was she fat?
  12. I fished one of the breachways yesterday evening and did pretty good. Light SW wind, warm and sunny, and I had the whole place to myself. It was like watching a game at Fenway with no one else there, kinda nice but kinda wierd at the same time. Used a variety of swimmers, all worked equally well though it took almost a half hour to find where the fish were holding. 15+ schoolies, a few small keepers mixed in (first of the season), all healthy and lean from their trip. After slack I saw what looked like a school of small blues busting and working their way up toward the pond. I followed and cast at them with a lighter setup, no blues, but got a few more schoolies. With the situation up north it looks like I'll be going south a lot more... that noise you hear is my wallet crying in anticipation :D
  13. I'm hopeful, but I think the full effects of this have yet to be seen. Not to minimize, but trash can be picked up. It's the ecological and health issues that concern me. As the spring progresses and the water gets warmer, all that nitrogen and phosphorus from the sewage will cause an explosion of algae growth. When the algae die, decomposing bacteria will become overpopulated. The bacteria will severely deplete the amount of of oxygen in the water, which is trouble for all non-mammalian marine life who breath this oxygen. For us mammals, we have to worry about e. coli, viral hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, and who knows what other infections through contact or by eating contaminated foods. I'm no ecologist, but it seems that this has the potential to ruin the health and productivity of the entire lower Merrimack and estuaries for quite some time. What a shame...
  14. Good work, and thanks for the report...
  15. Thanks for the reports guys. I hit a couple of spots upriver Saturday morning with similar results, nothing over 22" but plenty of action. I was surprised at how clear and free of debris the river was, I hope it lasts...