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  1. yeah i wasnt around much at all last year, but then again i only got out on the water twice last summer... but this is an entirely different season. i hope to be back as a reg here this year
  2. Well thank god that next year is finally here. Last season was a major disappointment in the fishing department for me. Because of my son's baseball / summer hockey schedule I didnt make if out fishing 1/100th of what I'd like. I only landed 3, count them with me 1... 2... 3 stripers all year. though one was a 34 incher. And to make matters even worse I think I must have left my plug bag on some beach the last time I was out last year, because it's missing. When I moved in November I purposely kept an eye out for it and no luck, its gone. :unsure: So somebody got a nice gift. So, Finally its next year and I'm starting from scratch.... :banana: but first I need some plugs.
  3. I'm looking to head out to singing beach this sat night. its been about 17-18 yrs since I have fished there. Do the police still let you park along the street at night. And any advice on where abouts to fish on the beach would be nice. i used to fish on the far left hand side and had great luck, but many years and many storms probably changed all that... any tips would help and thanx in advance.
  4. WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Anyone else have the same nightmare last night that next weeks game between the Pats and Indy will come down to the end of the game and Vinatieri on the field.... :lol:
  6. Fish more and take my son fishing more now that he's a year older
  7. 47 inches 37 lbs
  8. This is almost a week late in posting but I thought I'd share it anyways... Last friday while on my way home from work I witnessed something I havent seen in almost a month. While on rt 16 heading east in Medford I was on the bridge sitting at red light at the MeadowGlenn Mall and there was a nice flock of birds working the water. When I looked closer I noticed some fish busting the surface in good numbers, they must have been chasing something. Cut to a scene, same day 10 minutes later about 2 miles away. at the Bridge on Medford St. in Malden right at the Comcast Office ( anyone that knows the area, knows where I mean ) on the Malden side of the bridge in this tiny canal I withnessed the same thing. This time I parked and checked it out. Stripers busting the surface chasing something small. I never thought of fish in this little canal, but why not, it connects to the Mystic. Saturday morning I went to MeadowGlenn Mall for breakfast with my dad and had told him on Friday what I had seen, well while coming out of the Mall after breakfast I instinctively looked in the direction of the lights and there were alot birds circling high above in that same area again. they were up high so whatever they were looking for was there, but down a little deeper and the birds were waiting for them to surface. I know the weather was unseasonably warm last week and I'm wondering if that triggered the frenzy in the holdovers, but what were they chasing? juvenile herring that hadnt made it out to sea yet? anyhow great story, made me sad I didnt have a rod with me, yet exciting to see after I thought I had seen the last for the season.
  9. I had my biggest fish ever this past september off of magnolia 47 " 37 # that was prety nice, also that same week between my buddy and I we landed 3 41 inch fish a couple of 40s and numerous high 30s....but that was the best fishing week of my life and definately not the norm.
  10. went out on sat like I planned. I went as far south as Nantasket beach, following the shoreline. saw some birds working in hull but in the one location where I couldnt park pr get access to fish. so I headed back home following the same route, and as luck would have it, the fish were in my back yard. not literally but they were in winthrop is close enough.. :o anyhow there was a blitz going on right on the beacg front. and caught a few but they were all small ones
  11. After my son's 6:20 am :o hockey game saturday morning I'm heading south starting in Winthrop and following the shore south down through Quincy, Weymouth and into Hingham just looking for bird action close to shore. sort of like a Fishing Safari. wish me luck anyone that has knowledge of shore access on the south shore Id appreciate it
  12. to be completly honest, Im not sure posting here burns many spots. between magazines, newspapers, fishing cliubs and just word of mouth, I think most " spots " are known already. Its just a matter of what spot is hot today, and most likely that spot will be cold and another one will be hot before anyone that reads it here can get to it.
  13. just came home from castle rock with my brother. fished there for about 2 hrs, we each caught a small one about 20 inches each
  14. I was on a boat and we were tossing 4" rubber shads. The monster I caught on a 4" bunker storm using the 7 ft. sea striker I baught for my son in April for his Birthday. As for the secret spot.....my buddy will hang me, but i will narrow it down. between stagefort park and singing beach Bob I'll send you those pics....thanx