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  1. Clams, Herring chunks, filleted macks, a strip or a whole of squid, and plugs.
  2. NC fishing resembles a little bit of NE. And they have flukes, flunders, blues, red drums, speckled trout, spotted trout, weakfish, blackback, sheephead, and togs.
  3. onshore, the power point plant on the canal, is that where it located near the tidal flats?
  4. u re right about that, bob.
  5. how about salem willows pier? thats our better chance than being at the rock. you could go for codfishing on the nuts isle pier.
  6. nice..i got me a new lami outfit to try. wanna have a PI get together for cod?
  7. send them to me in person if u can. i live near sailsbury steak town.
  8. Yup, and also it's a bloody expensive. They have a few selection of good guality of saltweater gears. They got shiners which are bonus for July fluking!!!!
  9. I can cast really well depending on a certain quality of the rod. And Ron Arra is the only man who can pull it off among other fewer LDC veteranos. Lami rod made a big difference. If you own a shitty rod, then it's hard to cast far. And I rely on the rig to aid me a little in casting. You don't want the rig to hinder your casting ability. Sometimes I don't need to cast far. Ron Arra instructs a LDC class because he knows that sometimes people don't realize if the fish are feeding far away. Hence the nessecarily of distance casting. pendulum casting works well on a conventional surf gear. I tried it once. It doesn't rely on the strength, but a timing, a correct position, a proper movement, and a performance. CharlieA, I have a book too. I think it's better to purchase a videotape or attend to one of his seminar.
  10. Yo to y'all, I am really thankful to the lord for giving me a life here and my loving family, even though I curse at him sometimes out of frustration, but I still love him. And he gave me talents to start off with and to hone with. I thank my family for bringing me into this world and working hard to ensure I have a bright future. And I thank my friends, Cher and Jason for taking me to Solomon Pond for fishing after school in Framingham. And I thank the Lord for guiding me into the world of Saltwater fishing. And I thank him for not giving me a girl :D Amen. Happy Thanksgiving and get your asses off the board and ebnjoy with your family.
  11. yes, i bought it from the lunkers in ashland.
  12. scoobe, check this out, www.capecodtackle.com. I have the map of the canal. You can order one from www.capecodcanalfishing.com
  13. i would use the info and tips to apply my fishing game. i dont need to know people's spots.
  14. scoobe, i used two red beads and a egg sinker in between on a main line. and i use a 3 ft of fluro leader with a two hook (tandem) for fluke. they worked pretty well. charliea, i tried it before and it ddidnt fail me. i promise you on that.