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  1. From the surf, an arra 1083 and Penn 5500SS. From a boat I'll use an Ugly Stick Custom and the same reel... -spence
  2. The 5000's have screw in spikes which are a little larger than the 1100's. They are heavy, but on rocks this can also be an advantage. Keeps your feet in place :banana: -spence
  3. Depends on how you fish. If you're scrambing over weed covered rocks...get the 5000's. -spence
  4. Think about not having to worry if your reel gets dunked...ever. -spence
  5. Dude, Tattoobob is a complete psychopath. I heard he can crush a Van Staal in one hand :P Fix the situation... -spence
  6. Yes, because eventually you'll be talking to someone and they'll get a glimpse...which leads to a subtle double take as they quietly assess every aspect of your person :lol: -spence
  7. Mike, have you ever owned one??? :lol: There are thousands of devoted fans up and down the coast. Many hardcore guys who have paid cash for their Van Staals wouldn't fish with anything else. That means a lot to me. I'm sure it's a status symbol for some, but you won't find anyone who fishes 100+ nights a year using one if they don't work as advertised. -spence
  8. A bailless reel has a special roller with a wide flange on the inside to grab the line. To cast you just lift the line off the roller and the rest is as normal. At the end of the cast you lift the rod tip a bit to put tension in the line and just grab the line with your index finger on the hand that's holding the rod and crank the reel. The pickup will grab the line and you're rigged just like if you had a bail. If I'm wearing gloves I need to use both hands, but it still works pretty well. The main advantage is that there's no bail to accidentally close. Not a big deal with bombers, but you will snap off very frequently with large (and expensive) wooden plugs). Small diameter braid isn't very bail friendly as well, many people will close the bail manually to avoid tangles and wind knots. Once you get used to it it's also faster than a regular bail. As for the Van Staal, it's really up to you. The VS will perform well beyond what's required under most surf fishing conditions. The anti-reverse is awsome, the drag is awsome, the spool holds a massive amount of line and the damn thing looks cool to boot. It also costs a fortune and requires yearly servicing by the company. If you fish every day and want to be sure your gear will not fail when you hook into a 50, then it may be worth it. You can get a nice custom Lami, a Penn 704z, a backup 704z and a bag of good plugs for less money than a single VS. Think of the guy driving a Boxster down the road. They really don't need to be driving it, and it's gonna cost 300 dollars for an oil change...but they do have a big smile on their face don't they :lol: -spence
  9. Bassnbear, scramble the New England shore next season and count how many experienced eel slingers you see using baitrunners. There won't be many... Keep it simple. There's a reason the high-end reels like Van Staal don't have any levers, switches etc...Get a solid reel that can take the suds and you'll be the most happy in the long run. I really like the Penn Slammers, if you are going to get the reel wet alot get a Penn 704z and remove the bail. There are plenty of other rods if you want to spend the money. The Batson/Pac Bay are probably the best deal. The Loomis 1084 and XRA1084 are both good 9 footers. The XRA1204 and GSB120L are proven 10' lighter eeling rods and the XRA1205 and GSB120M are proven 10' heavier jobs. Depends on what and where you fish. You're looking at 160-280 probably from local builders for the rods above. If you wanted to invest in a single stick that would come close to doing it all in all conditions, the Lamiglas GSB120M with a Penn 704z would be a great combo. If you fish the beach or smaller lures more then the 1204 or 120L would give you more room on the low end. -spence
  10. If the Tica seems to work I'd just stick with it. Any rods that are really good for eels will cost more money. From what I've read and experienced, people tend to like moderate-fast actions for eeling. This is likely a bit softer than the Tica, but allows more backbone without casting the reels off. A very popular and inexpensive 9' custom for eeling is the Batson 1088. They can be had for about 160 bucks. The price just goes up from there. Reel is your preference. -spence
  11. I actually use it on the 9-1/2' All Star, an xra1204 and plan to use it on the big plug rod I'm having built. It's a VS250 so it fits just about everything perfectly. Love the reel. -spence
  12. I've been trying to reduce the number of rods...Here's the arsenal for '04. Light 9' spinning plug rod for schoolies and tossing real small stuff Med 10' spinning plug rod for general beach fishing and light eels Med-Heavy spinning 9-1/2' plug rod for general rockhopping Heavy 9' conventional for breechways and jettys 10' Heavy conventional for bait, jigs or big eels 11' Med-heavy spinning for big plugs in big water I don't have a lot of reels, Penn 5500, VS250, Calcutta 400TE, A few Abu 7000's. Swap them out as needed. -spence
  13. Find me an All Road and I'm in :lol: I need to dump my A4... -spence
  14. Both items are used and in great condition. Prefer local pickup, can meet within reasonable distance. These would be perfect if you know anyone about to have a baby! Blue Baby Bjorn Carrier. For newborns up to about 6 months. This is a must have...$80 new. Asking 20 + shipping. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Black Sable Latch Car Seat. For newborns up to about 6 months. Base buckels to car and the seat easily pops off to carry around. This is one of the best infant seats you can buy...$150 new. Asking 75 + shipping. PM me if you're interested. Thanks, -spence
  15. Yea, I was thinking of using one for this method. Just a better way to hold the fish while you remove the hook... -spence