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  1. It turns out the bridge failed it's yearly inspection, and that's the reason it's closed. The rusted bolts did it. So it won't open, but traffic is driving over it.
  2. This happened today. It's not going to open for awhile now.
  3. This was reported from scanthis.com The RT1 bridge in Newburyport has rusted bolts, and it can't be open until it's fixed. This is causing big problems for the bigger boats trying to get down river. I just wanted to share this information. The last I heard it will take three weeks to get it fixed. This is the direct link to the post on scanthis.com: http://www.scanthis.com/Forum/index.php?showtopic=972 **( You will have to signup to view it though )**
  4. I have a friend that listens to the MARINE channels on his scanner, and he has heard tons of boats talking about poggies in the river/mouth. Tons of them. I think poggies is the right name, either way it's BAIT FISH. So it's tons around right now anyways.
  5. Thanks for the information. I will give it a try.
  6. Topwater action has been great. I love it. I'm catching more & more fish using topwater lures. One lure I picked up must of looked like a bait fish or something. I had a seagull trying to grab it. :banana:
  7. Thanks. I have fun catching schoolies. My biggest this year was 27". I got into using topwater lures too. Man it's awesome!!!
  8. I'm helping Z. I have been going around removing this unwanted information.
  9. I have had the same problem with frozen herring, but it's like someone said it's just luck. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. I normally grab clams too. This way I'm good to go.
  10. Happy B-day :D
  11. Capt Lady out of Plum Island. 2.5hrs of striped bass fishing. We got some blues too. One guy caught a nice bluefish keeper. Maybe 20" or so. Other then that just a lot of schoolies and small blues. We fished outside the jettys, and inside the river. We have much better luck inside the river. The capt shut the boat off, and anchored. Once this happend we were slamming bass and blues with each cast. It was fun, and I will go again really soon :D And the best thing was only 7 people showed up. So the boat wasn't packed either.
  12. :D We caught tons of schoolies & blues. No keepers from me. Zippy, I'm going to try that spot you showed me hopefully tomorrow.
  13. Thanks. I will try my best.
  14. 1st keeper for me.
  15. Tomorrow is the day I'm going out. WoooHooo. I will post my report with pictures tomorrow afternoon/tomorrow night.