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      Howdy, folks. I know this is way overdue, and the damage is probably already done, but after weeks of working with the database I've finally wiped out all of the spam posts and topics. This was no easy task, considering there were three-quarters of a million bogus posts and nearly three hundred thousand bogus topics. Once a hacker/spammer network finds a vulnerability, they send out automated programs that basically destroy a database like this. Over the past couple weeks I've migrated all of the good data into a more current, secure platform with the hopes that we can somehow rebuild. New member registration is tightened way up, and a third-party spam monitoring service is in place. I've also invested in an awesome new gallery extension,  allowing members to create, manage, and share image galleries. Please give it a try, and let me know if there are any issues. I'm still testing and working out the bugs. Surfcaster's forums were once an amazing resource for everyone to enjoy, and we're hoping it can once again build back up. The main site (non-forums) is pretty banged up, but once the forums are complete my next task is to re-invent that as well. Spread the word. Hope to see a lot of you back! Cheers, Andrew


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  1. Thank I wear Korker with tungsten spike. It is really good on slippery rock. Also wear wader and rain jacket. It is not a place for beginner.
  2. When out to PI jetty last night and around 8PM the line started to peel. After a good 5+ minutes this is what on the other end. I had a 90 pound rated swivel and it almost broke. This unlucky fish almost got away :mellow: Fish measure 45" and weight around 35 lbs. The 36" next to it pale in comparison. Using chuck mackerel on slider rig.
  3. Well the spike on the k5000 is not rust proof. Once that happen then it really hard to change since the socket might come off or you could not screw the new spike in. I would goes with the interchangeable one like the konverible or the new boa lace. I recommend using the Aquastealth stud.
  4. I sure will be making less fishing trip to Plum Island. Will only go when there a good chance of catching big fish. Before every week or every other week. Now maybe every month or every other month.
  5. Hi "River Side" refer to the Merrimack river side near the Jetty as far as I know.
  6. Hi Charlie, You have the "Upward" and "Downward" liar then you have the "Sideway" one also. Some people always ask what you are using and when lure is hot you tell them bait...vice versa. :D
  7. Zippy relax with the foreigner stuff. We are all foreigner except for the Indian. There are all kind of poacher.
  8. We have blitz on PI for month now. I think the run will end in another month so late September for me and it time to head to Rhode Island to extend the SB season.javascript:emoticon(':boat:') smilie
  9. Use circle hook...you usually hood the fish in the lip if you set it right...Don't yank just lift the rod and reel them in.
  10. Most people know that fish come and go. They don't stay at one spot so it could be hot today cold the next.javascript:emoticon(':bluefish:') smilie Fish on people.javascript:emoticon(':banana:') smilie
  11. Thanks Zippy. I am a poorman angler so I only cast from shore. I hope the fish will be around. :fish:
  12. I am going to be in Nantucket in the 2nd week of September and wonder if anyone surf casting there. From the Chamber of Commerce it seem the south side like Surfside beach is the best spot for fishing. :fish:
  13. They should have search everyone. I seen some kid catching illegal size stripe bass on PI jetty then when I am around throwing back dead striper that they plan to take home. I find that sad.
  14. Hello, I am new to squid jigging and was wondering if anyone has any new and where to go squid fishing in Cape Code...until the striper is in. Thanks,
  15. Thank you Charlie for the information. We hope to see you in the little Jetty. :bluefish: