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  1. Meterman, this will probably get a lot of flack but my understanding is the reason Maine has a 20-26" slot limit is so the fly guy's can take fish home. If you think about it though it does make some sense. If not for that size being the limit there, you would not have been able to take a fish home. The breeding size is larger than 28" so there is really no logic to setting 28" as the size limit. As I have said before, if everyone could take 1 fish home from a fishing trip it would add to many peoples experiences. There are plenty of Stripers around now and having a 2 fish 28 limit just means that many fish caught over 28 are killed. Personally I would rather see those fish get put back in for another fight and some of the smaller fish go home for the table. Capt. Joel.
  2. Of the striped bass I have personally eaten, I have found the smaller fish cook through better when filleted. Regarding throwing fish back, I would much rather have people throw back the larger fish and keep a few of the smaller ones. In my opinion, larger Trophy fish should be released unless mounted, the thought of them still out there to be caught another time is OK by me. Regarding size limits vs poachers, one has nothing to do with the other. Poaching should never be tollerated. Why is 28" the correct size limit for striped bass? Cod size limits are 21" yet cod are caught over 50lbs on a regular basis. Fishing a border river like the Piscataqua. size limit on the Maine side of the river is 20-26 inches and on the NH side it is 28inch so people could just launch from Maine and get keepers every time out. Is there really a difference to the fish which side of the river they are caught on?? Some people want to bring home a fish for dinner after a fishing trip and that is alright. My thoughts were that if the Striped bass population could support a lower size limit, and from the quantity of fish I see out there, then what is the problem. Personally I would rather see the number of keeper fish reduced to one per angler, as that is more than enough for a decent meal. Just some thoughts. Joel..
  3. Fishing remains great with a large population of Stripers having moved into the rivers and bays of NH. On most days we caught upwards of 30 fish of mixed sizes from 20inches up to 33 inches. We caught keepers every day this week except for one trip where we had no keepers but over 35 fish with a few in the 27.999 inch range. I am beginning to think it is time for the size limit to be lowered down to maybe 26” as there are just so many Stripers now. Conservation has sure paid off over the last few years, but allowing 26” fish to be taken would probably mean every angler would get to take a fish home on each outing. Bluefish have started to move into the Piscataqua River as well now. They are hard to specifically target in the river, but every so often they appear mixed in with a days catch. That will probably scatter the large schools of mackerel that have been just outside the mouth of the river. Bigger Blues are starting to make an appearance at the Isle of Shoals as well. Most fun I had this week, was a trip on July 5th with Jimmy and DJ. Jimmy is a drift boat guide in NY and it was fun sharing stories and experiences with another in the business. Tight Lines Capt. Joel. www.nhsaltwaterfishing.com
  4. Fishing Report; Week Ending 5/30/2004 This week’s story was all about the weather. If it wasn’t raining, it was windy, really windy. Oh yeah, I think we had one sunny, nice day thrown in to keep us from going off the deep end. The Stripers though are in NH, the Piscataqua River and Great Bay Estuary has all size classes of Stripers now. On the days we did go out, we caught a dozen or so each day up to around 26inches. A bigger fish 37+ inches came over the side on Friday. There are bigger fish in the river, and bays now, it is not all about schoolies anymore. Alewives are at the dams and at the mouth of the rivers mackerel are available as well. All the makings of a great Striper season is here, now we just need the weather to cooperate. Regards, Capt. Joel www.nhsaltwaterfishing.com
  5. Only fished for an hour today, as the main objective was to get the new power head broken in. Casted storms and marabou jigs. Had half a dozen fish hit, landed two schoolies in the 16 inch range. Talked with another captain who caught a dozen over a longer time period. Not in abundance yet, but if you find the warm water you will find some fish. It only gets better from here on out. Capt. Joel
  6. Striperfest 2004, clink on the link and then view flyer. http://www.ccanh.org/home.html Capt. Joel.
  7. Great news, I would say they are migrants, holdovers are few and far between in these waters. The warm weather this week should help bring the bigger ones up. Capt. Joel..
  8. Thanks, I put a lot of time into the website the last few weeks as it is too early to fish for stripers, and my engine is getting a final tuneup after the power head replacement at the end of last year. I have been doing some freshwater fishing from my bass boat and have been doing well on largemouth. Yesterday they started to move up onto beds. Smallies should start to bed in about a week. Hopefully before next weekend I will have the Reel Ecstasy back from the mechanic and will start to scout out the Piscataqua etc. Capt. Joel.
  9. They generally move into the river in force Memorial day. Certainly a few fish are caught earlier. Look for warm water for the early arrivals. Capt. Joel.
  10. They would all work, however I have found the best luck using gold hooks, and a number 6 or 8 size hook. If you use a mackeral Jig at the end you will find you will hook some fish on it as well. For herring it seems like little movements work best, almost tossing it out and drifting it as opposed to the jigging of the rig you would do for mackeral or pollock. You can purchase these fairly cheap at walmart or WestMarine manufactured by Mustad. Capt. Joel.
  11. Stripers are migratory and will start to move up from the south around memorial day. The further south you go the sooner they will be around. They generally stay in the NH area through the end of September with some fishing migrating down from Maine a little later. Capt. Joel.
  12. Hi Newbie, your rod and reel will be fine for striper fishing, although you will probably not be able to make as long a cast as others. While fishing from shore you may see stripers busting baits on the surface just out of casting reach, which is why longer casts can help. Stripers have no teeth, similar to snook and can be lipped to remove hook. Unlike snook, however stripers don't jump. Stripers like fast moving water, rocks, and surf areas where the baits are disoriented, slack water usually shuts the fishing off. They can also travel in large schools and attack baitfish (busting baits). Many fish are caught along the bottom bumping baits, although the rocky bottom will take its toll on tackle while fishing from shore. Fish can also be caught using surface plugs, rubber shad, casting jigs etc. Fishing along rocky points, Jetties, off of bridges and along beaches can all be productive. You may try Hilton park in Dover, Prescott Park in Portsmouth, Newcastle, Rye Harbor, Seal Rocks, and if you want to venture down to Massachusetts Plum Island can be a good area to fish from shore. I fish from a boat which allows me to user lighter tackle than shore fisherman, and puts me in the best spots to catch fish during all tides. I believe most shore fisherman prefer high tide, either a few hours before or after. Speaking of tides in Florida the tide rises about a foot. In NH the tide can rise up to 8 feet or so. Remember fish don't follow the rules, they can be caught anywhere, using anything. Hope that helps Capt. Joel www.nhsaltwaterfishing.com
  13. Two years ago I got an infection from lipping an infected striper. My hand swelled up, got red and bumpy and was warm to the touch. Went to the doctor who looked it up and gave me an antibiotic to kill the infection. I was fine after a week or so. I had an open wound on my thumb from lipping 100 + stripers a week (I charter 5-6 days a week). Now I tape my thumb for protection before I go out and try to quick release as many fish as possible without lipping. From my experiences you will only get an infection if an open wound comes in contact with an infected fish. Hope this helps. :lol: Capt. Joel.
  14. There are Stripers in the Great Bay area from June1 through Sept. 30. The Piscataqua River which runs from Little Bay out to the mouth (Newcastle) has excellent Striper fishing during that time. After Sept. 30 the fishing is very spotty in the rivers and bays. An occasional blue fish will be mixed in especially from middle of August on. Joel
  15. Finally got a boat back in the water and went out fishing the Piscataqua River with some folks from England. We found about 20 fish using chunk herring with 4 keepers in the 30 inch range. There were a bunch of schoolies up on the surface for most of the morning on the ledges in Maine near Hilton Park.. I heard others talk of schoolies busting all through the Cocheco River in the last day or two. Joel