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  1. I have been fishing the Rye harbor, nothing yet. Anyone caught fish nearby?
  2. anybody has experience digging seaworms? I called many bait shops on the north shore, no shop carries the seawworms this time of the year. I am thinking about digging them because I live very close to the beach. Anybody has any experience? Any tips where to dig? how to find them? mud or sand? how deep?
  3. thanks a lot. I have visited both of 2 shops. very helpful.I had some luck with the smelt. but all regulars say it has been a most slow year. It has to do with something with the warm weather.
  4. Hi, I am new to this area. I would like to have local advice regarding where to fish etc. especially this time of the year. Does anybody fish for smelt this time of the year? Any good spots? Thanks a lot!
  5. sorry to hear that. I have 3 penn ss 4400 5500 and 6500. I found that only 5500 has this problem. I would say it is actually the design problem, the spool would sometimes make half a turn when casting, it depends on the position of the bail, if the bail turns towards you, it will flip. It is very annoying. The only good thing about Penn is that they seem more saltwater resistant than others. I had a shimano, which I have to tear down and clean each parts regularly. but for penn. I never clean any part besides the spool.
  6. will it be a little late/early this year? I have a business trip coming up the first week of the May. Not sure if I will miss some good fishing. B)
  7. Thanks a lot!
  8. Has anybody ever visited the fish ladder in lawrence,ma? Is it open to public or good for visiting? I heard about it last year before but never been there. I just want to take my kid to see the fish migration. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I agree. Most spearos are freedivers. Freediving alone is very difficult and dangerous. The reason is simple. Freediving is probably the only way to shoot the spooky fish such as stripers. It is almost impossible to get them with the SCUBA gear. A lot of freedivers died each year. I really think they deserve what they catch.
  10. The snook likes water temp at around 70+. They can barely survive below 60. In the winter, they all stay in the harbor or inland stream for warmth. They are very vulnerable and easy to catch. That is why the season is close through the winter.
  11. Having been busy like hell for the last couple months, I finally can take a break this weekend. Just before the season is over. Anybody is going out anywhere this weekend at the north shore? Let me know! Thanks! ridler, hope to fish with you again sometime soon. Maybe winthrop, I have never fished there.
  12. Gary, thanks for asking. My son was born already on May 1st. Everything went very well. Both the baby and the morther are doing great. That is why I am able to get out and get capsized.
  13. ridler72, sure, that is ok. the water did get in the waders. I think when I finally got out, there were about 1 gallan of water in the waders, which made me a little difficult to get on the boat. I think I failed 3 attempts to get back on top the kayak partially because of this. That was a lot of action, the water did get in but slowly. I think that is also because my waders is kinda big for me. With better fit or a drytop, it might be a non-issue, I guess. But the waders did cause a lot of drag and make my movement clumzy.
  14. GRH, I don't reconize your ID. What is your id in Kayakfishingstuff.com? The place where I got dumped is close to NBYC. The water is kinda deep there. It will be very difficult to get them back. I am ordering some new gear,it is not a big deal. Now I really don't like the idea of anchoring very much. It didn't help me catch any fish anyway. I don't think I will use it again this year. Lets do some fishing together next time. Like scuba diving, it is probably necessary to have a buddy to go with you for a long trip. Thanks to you all for the reply.
  15. Today is the first time of the season that I kayak fished. High tide was at 7:00pm. I figured it must be good fishing on the Joppa flats. So I launched my kayak,everything went well and I got a couple hit, spooked lot of fish, very typical this time of the year. It was a little windy so I started using my newly-rigged anchor system. My anchor is a 3lb dumbbell dangling at the tip of the stern. And I have a cleat on the side.It worked well. But when I pulled the anchor in, tied it down on the cleat, something that I didn't expect happened. I don't recall what exactly happened. I was too focused trying to tie down the anchor line. My body leaned over to one side. I guess there might be a wave coming at me from the other side. I didn't pay any attention...well, after 2 seconds, I was in the water. I was calm but very confused. I have been kayak fishing for 2 years, this was the first time I got capsized. My kayak is very stable SOT. It is hard to capsize even I do it on purpose. OK,the water was actually warm. And I had my live jacket on. So I tried to get back on my kayak. I don't know if it is because of wind or I gained too much weight, I just couldn't. The kayak kept rolling over when I was trying. 2 years ago, I did some practice it just wasn't like this. I was very upset... Then a gentleman on a boat approached and saved my butt. He collected all my gears which were all over the place. I could not say enough thanks to him! I think I was lucky because that is just flats not the open sea where I sometimes fish. I figured I have some experience so I took it for granted. On the way home, I think I finally figured it out what probably happened. My dangling dumbbell probably offsets my kayak' second stability. When the kayak tilts to one side, the dumpbell swings to this side and pull the kayak over. I didn't realized the change of its performance until then. So a lesson I learn is that rigging kayak is fine, but we need to evaluate the imact on the safty factor. The other lesson is very important one. always be ready for the accident like this. To be honest, I would never expect that I could possibly got capsized on that flat,never. but it happened. That is a very stupid mistake. I didn't even put on my dry top but only wear my waders because it was too warm. I didn't leash my rods so I lost 2 sets of rods/reels. proably I won't make the same mistake again. I hope you guys won't either. I think it might be a good idea to try some self rescue annually in some safe water especially after you rigged your kayak and gained some weight in the winter. Take care and good fishing!