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  1. Today fished Charleston breachway with many others today wow! non stop action all day blues 6-15 lbs 7am till the truck left the parking lot. Rangers, jigs, hot dogs it didnt matter what you used. Lots of people taking fish home hope they dont waste any. Also tons of small stripers in the breachway and along the oceanfront as well as herring and shad, my best bluefish shore day in my life. Could have caught a 100 but guilt set in, it was catching not fishing. Largest striper seen today about 32" by far the biggest I saw the smallest one about 8" the other 8" in some bluefishes stomach. Also most blues were spitting up herring.
  2. fished the west end yesterday,lots of top water schoolie action,10 fish,all stripers,all 18-22in. lots of fun,around lunch time by mass maritime,fished for about1.5 hrs. :banana:
  3. hi, on vacation inEast :banana: Sandwich,fished the beach first light,nothing . i came back out an hour later and me and a freind caught 9-10 schoolies- 15-22-in. then at sunset i went out again for a quickie and bagged a26in schoolie on the castmaster on light tackle.fun,fun.!! all on top water. best part is were here til nov. anyone have any luck fishing the slack on the canal? B)
  4. hi, is it benificial to use shock leaders w/ spinning tackle,ive been using a 10' spinfisher from penn. the reel i use is baitrunner 4500b series. i know its for bait but works great for throwing plugs, but ive been snapping off plugs w/ the 30-40lbs power pro line. ive heard 3-4 wrap around the spool is required.thx-jja
  5. i have no intention what so ever of "pulling one over on anyone" im trying to get the correct info on ORV regs. which i will then follow to the letter. i take a great deal of personal pride in this area. ive been ORV fishing for afew years now,and ive found the info from the state/feds very scarce. i.e. phone calls,FAQs,general additude.im sort of singling out race point as seperate from the rest. the plum island officials are always pleasent and cooperative.thx again,-jja
  6. thx for the advise and info,does chatham issue out of state permits?-jja
  7. hi,this may sound stupid but ,does anyone know if i can have a friend take my truck for an ORV sticker at race point?? we drove from n.h. sat. and were turned away. if not i probably try the weekend again and take ashot. thx--jja
  8. Fished the out going at east end of le canal ,both sides today (11:00-2:30).Pretty cold and windy on the cape side.Lots of bird activity. No sign of stripers lots of folks goin for macks. Tried to find a place to fish at Scorton Creek. Anyone know the holdover spots around Scorton? We had trouble finding access. Didnt really know where to fish I guess. But I did scout out a good looking ORV spot on Sandy Neck in Barnstable! :D -jja
  9. Sounds likgreat action on joppa, anyone know if the Refuge is open to 4by 4`s yet,im cant wait to drive on the beach this year!?
  10. Is there a place in Maine that allows beach buggies? If so ,where can I get info on regs? thx
  11. :banana: Fished the Haverhill stretch of the merrimack yesterday. Didnt get into the water till 10-1030,but the fish have got bigger!6-fish,3-35'',2-38'',and the biggest striper ive ever caught 45''-30.5lbs! YEHAA! Finally broke the 30lb mark. oh yea,i was using live herring. OK where do i go for the 40-pounder?!
  12. Hi,thanks for the launch info,when do the stripers get hot n heavy in that river.im looking for moby stripers,ive yet to crack the 30lb. mark.
  13. Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon,wheres the best place to launch a small boat on the river up there? Im looking to maybe live line some macks in the river this weekend.
  14. Does anyone know if its legal to catch as much herring as you want in lawrence at the damn?
  15. Fished the river from lawrence to haverhill in a boat,w/ two friends on weds.morn. 30 fish ,1 undersized, all the rest 28-32 in. Herring was hot and cold in lawrence,anyone know of any herring spots near haverhill? ,got rained on a little,but a fun day all in all.