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      Howdy, folks. I know this is way overdue, and the damage is probably already done, but after weeks of working with the database I've finally wiped out all of the spam posts and topics. This was no easy task, considering there were three-quarters of a million bogus posts and nearly three hundred thousand bogus topics. Once a hacker/spammer network finds a vulnerability, they send out automated programs that basically destroy a database like this. Over the past couple weeks I've migrated all of the good data into a more current, secure platform with the hopes that we can somehow rebuild. New member registration is tightened way up, and a third-party spam monitoring service is in place. I've also invested in an awesome new gallery extension,  allowing members to create, manage, and share image galleries. Please give it a try, and let me know if there are any issues. I'm still testing and working out the bugs. Surfcaster's forums were once an amazing resource for everyone to enjoy, and we're hoping it can once again build back up. The main site (non-forums) is pretty banged up, but once the forums are complete my next task is to re-invent that as well. Spread the word. Hope to see a lot of you back! Cheers, Andrew

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    Flyfishing is my main interest. New to it, but hope to get better over time. Looking forward to many days of wading the rivers and streams up here in Northern Maine. =0) Also, many trips back home to Saltwater flyfish and surfcast with my good friend Plum Island...where else ? Down Plum Island..lol.
  1. Wow, that's amazing!! And to think I grew up right next to the mouth and through all those years that fish was growing and returning year after year. I wish I took up fishing earlier in life..LOL But, applause to the young Angler for a catch well done! :banana:
  2. Pete, nice to see you haven't lost your touch. Still sounding good! :banana:
  3. Wow, Z.W. is an awesome guitarist, that must of been a blast! :banana:
  4. Les Pauls definitely kick butt, mine is Vintage Sunburst.
  5. Yes, it is a Les Paul Custom (Left handed).
  6. You know eel man, I used to Jam with an Andrew Watson back in high school...umm...NBPT High. You know him ? LOL PS : I still have the LP Custom Left handed. :banana:
  7. eel man, I wish you the best of luck in your future endevours, the work you've done for this site is without saying , Amazing! I hope you keep us all posted on how you are doing and what other fantastic sites you will be working on :banana: Again, Good Luck! Joe (PI Emt)
  8. Well, back from our trip, early at that. The reason for our early departure was the bug situation. The campground we were at was Trout Brook Farm and the No-See-Ums were out in force and relentless, :banana: we are now covered in welts from them. We had a walk-in site (1/4 mile) in the North end of the Park. Didn't notice them when we first arrived and brought our gear to the site to set-up. It was soon after they noticed us (Fresh meat!! ;) ). Also there to greet us was family of Geese, with young mind you, who insisted on chasing us when ever they figured we were too close, hissing and bobbing thier heads :banana: . And of course, with our luck, where ever we decided to go (to the car, canoe, trail) there they were, chasing us and hissing. So, needless to say we didn't get any fishing in. We did try to, but when ever we stopped moving long enough to cast out, the No-See-Ums took that as a meal offering (Buffet style). On a brighter note we did scope out the entire park from the North Gate to the South Gate for fishing areas, by car of course (From North Gate to South Gate is a 2 hour drive down dirt roads doing 20 mph max.) We noticed that best areas from what we saw was in the Western side of the Park and the Southern part. Our trip next week is in the Southern part and we hope to have better luck then we did this time. We did notice considerably less bugs in the southern end of the park then the North. So if you decide to go, get a site in either of those areas, but not the North, unless you bring 10 gallons of Deet, or Deep Woods Off...lol. I'll let you know how next week goes when we get back. :banana:
  9. Just a few to add (for now..lol) Amesbury Police : 482.3625, 483.0125, 483.1375, 483.7375. Amesbury Highway : 155.805 West Newbury Fire : 154.010 (PL /DPL 154.800) Middleton Police : 471.6125 (PL/DPL 131.800) Middleton Fire : 460.575 (PL/DPL 131.800) Middleton DPW : 45.720 (PL/DPL 114.800) Middleton Power : 158.175 Topsfield Fire :154.100 (PL/DPL 107.200) Topsfield Police : Same as Fire. Haverhill Fire : 154.3625, 154.010 Haverhill Police : 470.9250 Haverhill Highway : 151.085 Haverhill Local Gov. : 155.760 Haverhill School : 154.600, 153.860 N. Andover Fire : 867.600 (PL/DPL 131.800) N. Andover Police : 484.7875 (PL/DPL 146.200) N. Andover DPW : 153.920 Andover Fire : 483.5875(PL/DPL 146.200), 484.425, 483.7625, 154.070, 33.660. Andover Police : 482.6125 (PL/DPL 146.200), 484.850, 482.6875, 482.6375, 482.3875. Andover Highway : 453.900, 453.2625 Andover DPW : 151.130 Groveland Fire : 154.010 (PL/DPL 82.500) Groveland Police : 483.5125 (PL/DPL 146.200) Groveland Highway : 156.195 Gloucester Police :471.5875 (PL/DPL 118.800) Gloucester Fire : 154.160 (PL/DPL 91.500) Gloucester DPW : 154.980 (PL/DPL 151.400) Lawrence Police : 482.5625 (PL/DPL 146.200), 484.925, 155.370, 156.210, 482.9125, 482.5875. Lawrence Fire : 154.445 (PL/DPL 100.000), 153.830, 154.445. Lawrence Highway : 154.025, 155.145. Lawrence Medical : 155.265, 152.0075, 464.426. Methuen Police : 482.4625 (PL/DPL 146.200), 482.450, 155.475 (PL/DPL 136.500) Methuen Fire : 154.010 (PL/DPL 136.500), 154.310, 154.070 (PL/DPL 136.500), 154.445 (PL/DPL 100.000) Methuen DPW : 46.520 (PL/DPL 136.500) Methuen Medical : 155.175, 452.0125, 464.725, 461.975 Medflight Boston : 460.800 (PL/DPL 114.800) Medflight Plymouth 460.800 (PL/DPL 203.500) Medflight Bedford : 460.800 (PL/DPL 103.500) Life Flight : 155.160 (PL/DPL 118.800) Northshore Ambulance : 472.0125 I have lots more, but my fingers are tired of typing..lol. Note: PL/DPL stands for Private Line/ Designated Private Line...Like private phone lines.
  10. Anytime Dennis, always glad to help when I can. :banana:
  11. With how PI's luck runs, he will be the first person to catch a striper the size of Shamu. lol
  12. The "miseryisland.com" brings up the wrong page. The correct link is below, sorry. Charter out of Salem Ma.
  13. Hope these help.... Charter out of Salem Ma. Charter out of Gloucester
  14. Judging by how many topics there are in this forum, I take it not many people head up this way to fish. Might be wrong though, only going by the numbers of topics and replies in other forums..LOL I mean, I only go fishing, well from Mass it is about 5 hours North, for me it's only an hour. I dunno just seems strange, I always thought Northern Maine was a great place to go fishing, lots and lots of rivers and streams and brooks and creeks and and...lol. Guess you have to be into that stuff. Oh well, just thought I would get a topic started in a lonely forum. Have a good one :banana:
  15. This one is good too, it is all aerial photos. Scroll down the page and you will find the Galleries. They have Maine, NH and MA (as well as many other states and other aerial pics). Once you click on a state you then get a list of choices for photos: Town, area, places, etc. Happy searching! Skypic.com Hope you locate some good spots :banana: