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  1. Running late my butt, all the beaches down the Cape were open a month ago, there hasn't been on storms this year to wipe out any nests, the birds are not the reason the beach isn't open, the reason is they don't want fishermen/woman on the beach we are a nuisance to them
  2. try trolling live eels, or slug-gos, or slap the water with your paddle and cast in the direction the fish swim to you won't be disappointed
  3. Time again to help and pick up trash at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge We need a big fisherman presents there, and make sure you tell them you use the resource to fish and like to give back. Saturday March 21st 2009 9 am to 3 pm
  4. Looks like it is going to be 42 and sunny, probably cold in the morning tuough
  5. Thanks for the info Bob, it's been a long cold winter and getting out to the beach sounds like a good idea, not to mention the neat crap you can find this time of year :mellow: Yup free plugs
  6. Congrats :mellow:
  7. You got my vote :mellow:
  8. Tattoobob is still around, I'm glad he's ok
  9. Don't be afraid to walk away from them and call the Environmental Police 1-800-632-8075
  10. Salty's is basically all I use, other than Bombers and Redfins great lures that catch fish
  11. Middle to end of May
  12. Is there any other lure to use? I use Needles and bomber style lures 99.9% of the time
  13. I like spooks, they are good in the day time and at night there are many different ways to work it
  14. They are having a real bad erosion problem there it has been on the news and in the papers
  15. I would have loved to help out, but work gets in the way of these thing for me when they are on week days. I always try to help
  16. Thanks Mag Minnow
  17. I am going Friday, Probably first thing till when ever
  18. There are foxes and coyotes there I have seen many of them at first light
  19. I want to thank everyone who showed up and picked up trash, we filled the dumpster and then some, I took loads and loads of junk off the beach along with 2 other pick ups. I had a small problem so I left the beach around 1pm and limped home. We had a good turn out and mostly fishermen
  20. Beach Clean Up Saturday March 29th 2008 9am -3pm If you fish at PI you should come and help, show our numbers and fill a few trash bags show the radical bird watchers we also care I will be there in my Pick up filling it and taking trash off the beach
  21. I thought that the PISC talked about it at there last meeting, I wasn't there But like you said they should be involved a lot more, even to the point of running it With all the drive on people there is only like 6 that belong to the MBBA and help It's the old story take take take, and never give back. I look forward to meeting all who show up
  22. 235 PAGE hits and 3 people coming, come on everyone lets get together and give back to A place that gives us so much joy.
  23. Bridge Rd. in Salisbury, Rene' is a great guy I always stop in for a joke and laugh 1 dollar eels to
  24. Sorry I have been very busy with work in addition to the info posted, we are going to be there as fishermen and Mass Beach Buggy Assoc. Make sure you bring gloves, and make it a point to tell them at lot one you are there to support the refuge as a fisherman and the MBBA. I will be there along with my wife, I will be removing bags and large debris from the beach to the dumpster I will be in a Red 93 Ford F-350 stop and say hello even if you can only come for an hour and fill one bag please come
  25. I use one last year on a charter I took my dad on, it was the Shimano http://fish.shimano.com/publish/content/fi...ly_fishing.html other than catching large bass with it I don't know anything about it