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  1. I am not sure anybodybody could have prevented the actual 9/11 attack, maybe someone could have, but I will make a bet on the following: The next idiot, enrolled in a flight training school, that tells his/her instroctor that he/she does not need to learn how to land the plane will be talking to the FBI/CIA and a whole lot of other alphabet agencies. No longer will the FAA tell crews to go along with the hijackers and do as they say. Even if the FAA still has this policy, I do not think the next set of hi-jackers will get cooperation from the passengers. Excited people running up to the airline counter paying cash for one way tickets will or should get a quick trip to the office! I know I was shocked when the airliners were crashed into the twin towers, heck even the news was reporting the first plane as a terrible accident, it was not until the second airliner crashed that things became scary. I still wonder why this happened and I have absolutely no reasonable answers, but I do know that I wanted Bush to bring the head of whoever did this from behind the podium when he first addressed the nation and to tell everyone that his/her families heads would on display at the pentagon. I am sure there are a lot of reasons why we went into Iraq and some of them may be good reasons and some of them may not be, but I am pretty sure that nobody goes to war for only one reason.
  2. a member for 1 1/2 years and this is what you want your #7 post to be remembered for? Sad!
  3. We went out of the Merrimack yesterday morning and headed out about 20 miles due east, in about 165 to 175 feet of water we were able to have nearly constant action on Haddock and Cod, many undersized fish but 12 of them were keepers, 9 haddock and 3 Cod. Wife of the boat owner caught the largest Cod, about 26" in length, cooler has only 24" scale I caught the biggest haddock, about 23" nothing special but it did give a pretty good fight. Well not really ...... but I have the line cuts on my thumb from bringing the fish up. The only thing I really noticed is my rods with the Abu big game reels are self leveling and have I gotten lazy, the rod I was using was not and I had to use my thumb to make sure the line was level. I am just glad I wasn't using braid on this reel or else I do not think I would have a thumb right now. PS: in hind sight I wish I used sun screen! :banana:
  4. I second the 9' rod. I have a 9' Ugly stick with an Okuma spinning reel and it is my favorite rod. I have a couple of 10' rods for the beach and a buch of shorter ones for the boat, but the 9' rod is my favorite one. I use the 9 foot rod from the beach and the boat.
  5. My daughter caught a 32" striper yesterday outside the mouth of the Merrimack. She is taking part in the Coastal Discoveries day camp and was onboard the Erica Lee.
  6. I called the place in Gloucester. You can buy as much as you want or as little as you want. The price for anything under 25 lbs is $2.00/lb, over 25 lbs it goes down to $1.85/lb. I did not ask if it got cheaper if you buy much over 25lbs. They have frozen clams all the time, and fresh clams when they are shucking clams. Today they are shucking clams!
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. If you would not mind sharing the specific locations in Gloucester and Beverly I would appreciated it. I knew the place was in Rowley, that was not enough to help a dullard such as myself. :D All I want to do is :fish:
  9. Some people have mentioned a place in Rowley to buy bait in quantities. Some friends and I are going out fishing and I do not want to buy a bunch of clams that are frozen in pints. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  10. I went out with family yesterday for some fishing from the boat. We went off of rockport out toward the breakwater. We caught many dogfish, no matter we went out. We decide to come in closer to shore. We caught a 21 inch cod before we lost some rigs to the gill nets so I decided to just troll back to the Essex River. We caught a bluefish, not big maybe 24" but since I did not bring the filet board it was released. It was good was to spend the afternoon.
  11. Plum Island, I took an inflatable out in the back of Joppa flats similar to what you posted. I launched from the parking lot by the bridge. there is a little canal (for lack of a better description) that is full of water near high tide. My inflatible was bought from Sports Authority and it cost about $100. it has a small motor mount and I put an electric motor on it. The tide was coming in and I was just able to make head way against the incoming current under the bridge, at times I did not even think I was moving forward. Anyways I was smart enough to know that I better not wait too long after the tide turned to try to get back under the bridge. Needless to say, I had a great time, but since I was catching stripers I sort of lost track of the tide and when I got back to the bridge the current was ripping under the bridge. The only way I was able to get back to the other side was to motor up to the bridge supports and with the motor and hand over hand pulling on the supports. It was fun but I have only done the one time. But I have taken to local ponds and it does fine. If you have a truck and want to pick it up to try out PM. I live in Georgetown, frankly I even tied down to the top of my Suburu that I owned at the time.
  12. It is too bad that the Harbor Patrol is not out more often. Yesterday, we were on Patrol in the Essex River and as Auxilists we have no "Law Enforcement Authority". I did not actually see the striper being filleted, but a boat was at Kanoma Point (sp), with his fillet table on the side of his boat, he immediately started to leave as we rounded the corner when he saw us, his "mate" was rinsing his hands with the on-board washdown and 40 feet up the river from his boat was an undersized striper, with at least one fillet removed from the body. The coxswain, said since we did not see the boater actually filleting the fish we could not report it. If you are reading this and I see your boat again and a filleted striper in the river near it, I will report you to the harbor patrol, Essex police chief who goes out on the harbor patrol boat and the EP's. Each of which can board your boat to inspect it ....... just because! If they then find a filleted Striper your just desserts will be served!
  13. Yes, #4 the red light at the end of the jetty. ( Thanks for the clarification) If there is a keeper on the rapala, it has to eat the rod too! Since the plug was attached to one of the quide supports as I was walking back to the cockpit from the bow area. Alan
  14. Saturday night I was out on a friends boats and we were fishing anchored just about a 100 feet towards the beach from the #2 light on the north jetty on the North side of the jetty. As I was walking from the bow of the boat I dropped a 7 foot Ugly stick with an Okuma reel and a Rapala swimmer over the side (All new :D ). Just getting old I guess, who knows why it happened. If the stripers are not biting at least there is something to fish for. :lol:
  15. The most important piece of equipment they had was the portable VHF radio! Massachusetts does require boaters to actually carry a VHF radio, but I do not understand why anyone would boat without one. Just as important, these guys were prepared for what they were doing. DRY SUITS! PFD's! FLARES! VHF RADIO! It was a very good day for them at the end of the day!