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  1. :lol: The guy stated the dorsal fin is triangular shape. Sun fish fin is more hemispherical shape. I saw several sun fishes at the mouth of the Merrimack previously. They are usually about 6 feet long and rounded body. Time to break out the shark's gears. Oh, my bad, whitie are Federally protected. :banana:
  2. :o Great minds think alike. Sorry it didn't work for you Bospa.
  3. :o Schoolies had been around for month. From Kernwood bridge to Salem CR including Goathill area. The best place to get them is from a manmade island for the powerline company. You can access the island from 3 hours after hightide by wading in from the Locust street. ;)
  4. :o 4oz jig with red porker cast behind the schoolies and jig under it work for me.
  5. B) Phil, It just happened to me last week. Same thing. Something were blitzing the baby herring and bunker and I cannot catch them. I found out they were juvenile blues. These are the small 2"-5" baby bluefishes. I try to catch them using 1.5" bass popper. Down in RI they use herring rig to catch them. Just add a spoon as weight to the end of a subiski rig and you'll multi-hook them. :banana: :fish:
  6. B) Nice shots Strike King. Did you fish until dead-low? An hour before dead-low there is a sandbar from where the lobstertrap to the speedboat on your pictures.
  7. It is a Atom popper. It is usually painted blue and white. It has a ratler inside and I think that is what striper attract to.
  8. :banana: Don't waste your money. Fluttering spoon is the lure for baby bunker bass blizz. It look just like a krockodite spoon but it curve. You can get the 1oz from Surfland for $3 and it cast like a dream. Cast it past the blizz and slowly reeling it in is OK but slow reeling with occasionally rod lift is better. Some time I put a small red porker to the end of the hook. :banana: :fish:
  9. :banana: Nantasket is for sunbathers not fishermen. September is too early for the fall run. :banana: :fish:
  10. BLUES have been around for a month now, but they did not school up. Did they school up and travel up the river not just the mouth of the jetties, B-REEL ? Nothing beat a 2.5 oz RANGER in florescent orange or green color with a single #9 hook. You can cast for 200 yards and a large single hook make for easy removal. :banana: :banana: :fish:
  11. :D Phil, Are you fishing the ROCK? I have the same problem up in Rock Village on the Merrimack earlier in the season. I am probably wrong about this but they probably are not stripers but hickory shads. Due to the flood this year hickory shads are really late. I caught couple of hickory shads up in Ipswich river last week. If they slapping at dark try using a chest wader and standing still and they'll will surround you. Using a high intensity flashlight you can see them. Hickory shads will almost be all silver in color with a black stripe on their backs. PM me what section of the ROCK or FORE are you seeing this? After the shipyard or way-up the river? :D :fish:
  12. :D Use lures. This area is loaded with weeds and swift current I don't think a 10oz sinker can hold the bottom. The is a sandbar form by the beach and extend all-the-way to the green buoy channel marker. This is a prime spot on out going tide. Be very careful when you fish the sandbar as the incoming tide is fast and the current is every swift. Goto the tip of the sandbar and cast jig into the deep channel. My favorite jig to use is a green jig with a red porker. Also caught fishes using swimmer. Same method also work on the Sandy Point Reservation. This year there is a huge sandbar form by the tip of the Point that extended to the boat channel as well. Fish stack up against it on the out-going tide. The current is up to 5 knots so be very very careful and wear a jacket. :D :fish:
  13. :D Wear a chest wader and a wader jacket then stay in the water to avoid the bugs. Last week the misquitos and greenheads are everywhere. They should be around for another three weeks. :D :fish:
  14. :D Don't use herring at all including sea herring. Use clam or mackel, let the herring recover. If you hook the chunk twice it will hold. Hook once through the belly and flip the hook and hook through the top so the back-bone is in the cup of the book. That way when you cast the back-bone help hold the bait. Also it make it harder for the little one to steal your chunk. :D :fish:
  15. :D I second that. Last week I caught schoolies from high-tide to an hour after low-tide, 6.5 hours straight. Most are in the 10 to 16 inches range. Couple of borderline keepers included. It was fun but using a baitcaster rated for 8oz lure it was a real pain to cast a 1/4 oz lure to catch them. Nothing like catching schoolies with a 40# rated setup. :D :fish: