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Quonnie, Round 2

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Well, with Dad catching his fish yesterday, today was my turn.

The water was boiling - and they were not blues. The jetty was packed, and I noticed seagulls working down the beach a ways, so I decided to take a walk rather than wait in line to cast into the rip.

I walked to a nice clear spot and right in front of me I see peanut bunker leaping onto the beach and the water boling, with stripers 100% airborne from 3 feet to 75 yards.

I put on my white/blue Atom popper and proceeded to catch fish after fish for the next 2 hours. The smallest was 28 inches, 15 pounds. The biggest was 35 inches 23 pounds. I lost count after about 15 fish. Wild, wild, wild.

After about 2 hours, the tide was too low to keep the stripers in the area, so I went back the jetty which was now just down to two guys. We all grabbed another few and we watched as the boiling water moved back and forth - but at low tide and a howling wind the only thing you could cast that far was a Hopkins style - whcih they didn't really want.

FALL, FALL, FALL, FALL. Those are my four favorite seasons in order.


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thats awsome charlie see someone is looking out for you

all these great reports are making me pretty sad that i can't fish


bob :ph34r:

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