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Winter Storm of '03

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Chatham CG Station - December 7, 2003

Updated: 12:22 PM EST on December 07,2003

Observed at Chatham, Massachusetts

Temperature 34 °F / 1 °C

Windchill 24 °F / -5 °C

Humidity 87%

Dew Point 30 °F / -1 °C

Wind WNW at 17 mph / 27.4 km/h

Wind Gust 39 mph / 63 km/h

Pressure 29.35 in / 993 hPa (Steady)

Conditions Light Snow Showers Mist

Visibility 1 miles / 2 kilometers


(Above Ground Level) Mostly Cloudy (BKN) : 1000 ft / 306 m

Overcast (OVC) : 1500 ft / 459 m

All of yesterday's snow ha gone, even on roadsides in So.Dennis when I got up at 7:00 AM. It's began to snow just after 7, however and at 12:30 we had about a half inch.

Updated: 8:20 AM - Sunday, Dec.7th.

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A few buoy observations:

Station 44018 - SE Cape Cod 30NM East of Nantucket, MA

Conditions at 44018 as of

(9:00 am EST)

1400 GMT on 12/06/2003: Wind Direction (WDIR): E ( 80 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD): 31.1 kts

Wind Gust (GST): 44.7 kts

Wave Height (WVHT): 23.0 ft

Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 11 sec

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.75 in

Pressure Tendency (PTDY): -0.09 in ( Falling )

Air Temperature (ATMP): 43.3 °F

Water Temperature (WTMP): 46.2 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL): 32.2 °F


Conditions at 44005 as of

(9:00 am EST)

1400 GMT on 12/06/2003: Wind Direction (WDIR): ENE ( 70 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD): 31.1 kts

Wind Gust (GST): 36.9 kts

Wave Height (WVHT): 13.8 ft

Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 9 sec

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 30.05 in

Air Temperature (ATMP): 34.9 °F

Water Temperature (WTMP): 45.7 °F

Dew Point (DEWP): 27.5 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL): 20.5 °F

Station 44017 - 23 Nautical Miles Southwest of Montauk Point, NY

Conditions at 44017 as of

(10:00 am EST)

1500 GMT on 12/06/2003: Wind Direction (WDIR): NE ( 40 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD): 36.9 kts

Wind Gust (GST): 42.7 kts

Wave Height (WVHT): 17.1 ft

Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 10 sec

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.67 in

Pressure Tendency (PTDY): -0.08 in ( Falling )

Air Temperature (ATMP): 42.3 °F

Water Temperature (WTMP): 51.4 °F

Dew Point (DEWP): 40.5 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL): 29.8 °F

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Wax up those short boards!

Just kiddin B)

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Wax up those short boards!

Just kiddin B)

No kidding here. My neighbor runs a surf shop in Hyannis. He and his buddy's just left about 7:30 for the high surf at Nauset. He sent his wife in to run the shop today.


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excellent, Bill. Could be nasty out there today though with "washing machine" waves. When the wind turns offshore, that guys wife might be running the shop day and night as the waves are going to be awesome by then.

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That's how people die in these storms. None of us would be stupid enough to fish in it why would you surf in it. If it was summer ya cool but now they are just putting themselves and the poor guys that have to rescue them in danger. Never mind wasting the coast guards time when there might be others out there that have no choice but to be out there.

I'm just venting!!! Remember the last storm when that guy with his dog got washed out? Everybody thought he was stupid walking his dog.

The ocean is ruthless, it demands nothing but respect. I don't want to hear how those poor B******ds died trying to ride the waves.

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Went down to the marina this morning to check out one of our boats. Still floating and looking good. Not much snow on it considering the conditions. Most blown off from the wind. Gangway down to boat had a solid 3' of snow on it.

However, the boat behind us went down. It was a 26' searay fly bridge. Only thing hold it up was the ropes to the float. Only about 4' of the flybridge up out of the water. Sad sight to see.

Then I took a ride over to Marblehead neck to check out the sea. Hugh waves up on Deveroux. Drove out there at 8:30, two hours before high tide. Waves crashing over the causeway from both the sea side and the harbor side. First time I saw that. Causeway had a lot of rocks on it from the last high tide. 15 ft'ers washing up on the beach. A 35+-' lobster boat must have broke off or drag its mooring in the harbor. It was up against the causeway getting hammered into the rocks. The hull was opened up like an egg with a crack about 5 feet long and 3-4" wide. Poor lobsterman was there on the causeway looking at it. Not much you can do at that point. Another sad sight to see.

Saw the sea down at Castle rock and the breakers, it was really rolling there. HUGE waves were crashing there. They were real big to begin with but they grew enormous over the shallows and breakers just offshore.

Didn't want to stay on the neck long as high tide was coming and didn't want to get stuck out there. When I left, the cops were just closing down the causeway on the mainland side. When I went out to the neck, the road at the beach entrance was OK. But when I was leaving it already began to flood, and it still was 2 hours to high tide.

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WOW!!! It's amazing what the sea will do. I wish you had pictures. Thanks for sharing your day.

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NO MORE SNOW= I just bought a new pair of snow pants.

NO MORE SNOW= Someone just bought a new snowblower

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