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Your not even that old :banana:

Happy Birthday :fish:

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Here Are Other Things That Happened As Old27 Made His Debut! :banana:

Note: On Jan 22nd "The Music Old27 was born to!" :banana:

Happy Birthday!

In January 1971 ...

1971 (01 jan) Cigarette advertisements banned on TV

1971 (02 jan) A barrier collapses at Ibrox Park football ground at end of a soccer match in Glasgow Scotland, killing 66

1971 (03 jan) Baltimore Colts beat Oakland Raiders 27-17 in AFC championship game

1971 (03 jan) Dallas Cowboys beat San Francisco 49ers 17-10 in NFC championship game

1971 (03 jan) "President's Daughter" closes at Billy Rose Theater New York City NY after 72 performances

1971 (04 jan) Dr Melvin H Evans inaugurated as 1st elected Governor of Virgin Islands

1971 (04 jan) Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to relatives of Kent State victims

1971 (04 jan) Philadelphia's Veteran Stadium dedicated

1971 (04 jan) Congressional Black Caucus organizes

1971 (05 jan) Harlem Globetrotters lose 100-99 to New Jersey Reds, ending 2,495-game win streak

1971 (05 jan) 1st one-day international, Australia vs England at the MCG

1971 (05 jan) US heavyweight "Sonny" Liston's (36) corpse found

1971 (06 jan) Cecil Partee elected president pro tem of Illinois state senate

1971 (06 jan) Berkeley chemists announces 1st synthetic growth hormones

1971 (07 jan) -40ºF (-40ºC), Hawley Lake AZ (state record)

1971 (08 jan) Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota established

1971 (08 jan) 29 pilot whales beach themselves & die at San Clemente Island CA

1971 (09 jan) "Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen" closes at Majestic New York City NY after 19 performances

1971 (10 jan) "Light, Lively & Yiddish" closes at Belasco Theater New York City NY after 87 performances

1971 (10 jan) Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Richard Wilbur

1971 (11 jan) Tigers ace reliever John Hiller, 27, suffers a heart attack, misses the 1971 season, but later makes a remarkable comeback to record 38 saves

1971 (11 jan) 1st "Quickie" Divorce granted in UK

1971 (12 jan) Fed grand jury indicts Reverand Philip Berrigan & 5 others, including a nun & 2 priests, on charges of plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger

1971 (12 jan) "All in the Family" premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV

1971 (12 jan) "Soon" opens at Ritz Theater New York City NY for 3 performances

1971 (12 jan) Congressional Black Caucus organizes

1971 (13 jan) "Soon" closes at Ritz Theater New York City NY after 3 performances

1971 (14 jan) John Snow takes 7-40 for England to beat Australia by 299 runs

1971 (15 jan) George Harrison releases "My Sweet Lord"

1971 (15 jan) "Ari" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City NY for 19 performances

1971 (15 jan) Aswan Dam official opens in Egypt

1971 (16 jan) Ard Schenk skates world record 1500m (1 58.7)

1971 (17 jan) Super Bowl V Baltimore Colts-16, Dallas Cowboys-13 in Miami; Super Bowl MVP Chuck Howley, Dallas, Linebacker

1971 (18 jan) Ivan Koloff beats Bruno Sammartino in NY, to become WWF champ

1971 (19 jan) Beatles' Helter Skelter is played at the Charles Manson trial

1971 (19 jan) NHL Writers' Association renamed Professional Hockey Writers' Association

1971 (19 jan) "No, No Nanette" opens at 46th St Theater New York City NY for 861 performances

1971 (19 jan) 24th NHL All-Star Game West beat East 2-1 at Boston

1971 (20 jan) John Lennon meets Yoko Ono's parents in Japan

1971 (20 jan) Ard Schenk skates world record 1000m (1 18.8)

1971 (21 jan) "Alias Smith & Jones" premieres on ABC TV

1971 (22 jan) John & Yoko record "Power to the People"

1971 (23 jan) -80ºF (-62ºC), Prospect Creek Camp AK (US record)

1971 (23 jan) UCLA loses to Notre Dame, UCLA then wins next 88 games in a row

1971 (23 jan) 4th ABA All-Star Game East 126 beats West 122 at Carolina

1971 (24 jan) NFL Pro Bowl NFC beats AFC 27-6 (1st Pro Bowl after NFL-AFL merger)

1971 (25 jan) Charles Manson & 3 women followers convicted of Tate-LaBianca murders

1971 (25 jan) Himachal Pradesh becomes 18th Indian state

1971 (25 jan) Philadelphia mint's 1st trial strike of the Eisenhower dollar

1971 (25 jan) Military coup in Uganda under General Idi Amin Dada

1971 (25 jan) WHMB TV channel 40 in Indianapolis IN (IND) begins broadcasting

1971 (26 jan) Dutch 2nd Chamber accept law against limitation of war crimes

1971 (27 jan) Montgomery St Station, last link in BART, `holed thru'

1971 (29 jan) Test debut of Dennis Keith Lillee, vs England at Adelaide

1971 (30 jan) "Ari" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City NY after 19 performances

1971 (30 jan) Dennis Lillee takes 5-84 in his 1st Test bowl, vs England

1971 (30 jan) UCLA starts 88 basketball game win streak

1971 (31 jan) Apollo 14 launched, 1st landing in lunar highlands

1971 (31 jan) "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison hit #1 on UK pop chart

1971 (31 jan) Jake Beckley, Joe Kelley, Harry Hooper, Rube Marquard, Chick Hafey & Dave Bancroft & George Weiss elected to baseball Hall of Fame

1971 (31 jan) US female Figure Skating championship won by Janet Lynn

1971 (31 jan) US male Figure Skating championship won by John Misha Petkevich

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1971 (23 jan) -80ºF (-62ºC), Prospect Creek Camp AK (US record)

Hell freezes over :banana:

Bob :banana:

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Hope you didn't have any big plans to go out tonite!! :surfing:

Oh, and it would really suck if your computer froze up too! :banana:

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Oh my God, went out to shovel a little and I lasted about 5 minutes. It is snowing and a blowing with cold wind and drifts up to my knees. But it is supposed to be better by Monday so I'm gonna break out the swim trunks and do some swimming, right after I uncover my boat....... (talk about optimists) ;)

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Happy b-day OldMisunderstoodPainInTheA$$


BTW - He may not even have a PC at this point. I can still hear keyboards snapping in the wind.

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I dont think he has sobered up yet, it must of been one hell of a party, no response yet.

Happy Bithday Old 27 or rather Old31. or is it 27 an holding. Wait till you hit 50!!!

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Thank you all from the bottom of my fishing bag...tight lines and tighter knots....


PS Endofin: my computer froze three times trying to post this...lol ;)

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