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Guest ridler72

kayak fishing 2005 season

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Oh yes! We can feel it! I had the day off today and started to go over some gear to get ready. Started to make a list of what I will need to get ready for the season.

I want to improve the battery box in the Extreme and fix the leak in the front hatch that brings in water in rough conditions. I want a better storage system to make carrying tackle more compact. I like the idea of a waist pack or storage pockets on the outside of a milk crate leaving the inside open for soft cooler. I found a neat soft cooler with built in radio. I got that a month ago at Boaters world.

I want to add another kayak. I need something speedy to cover long distance. I plan on paddling the cape this year to chase palegics and also paddle to boston light from Winthrop. The new T 160 TW could be a canidate. I had the old T 160 but the seat was too uncomfortable. That slope is a killer on the back. I hear WS has solved the problem. We shall see.

I also want to test the Hobie Quest. I like the layout. I wish the air temp would creep up so I can take a ride up to NESC and test it out.

Last year I was on the water in late March and caught some nice bass with a few keepers mixed in at the Mystic. I was down there earlier today and casted out around the edges of the ice. I had one dink follow but no takers. Its nice to see a Bass after this long. We need the temps to get back to normal range around 40 and up to melt the ice down there. I pray that the rains dont get bad this year and flood this area with raw sewage. As Gumbo will tell you it sucked.

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I've tried fanny packs for carrying tippet material, small fly box, etc. The fanny pack gets in the way for me. The pack around the milk crate looks like a good idea provided the water drains out of the pockets. Also, I've attached a fanny pack to the seat straps which worked pretty well.

New boat, I have a deposit on a Tarpon 160 TW for speed. Also, selling the Fisherman once I have the Tarpon.

Spring's coming soon. Woodpeckers are in the trees, cardinals are singing and soon we're fishing. ;)

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Sheeeet man, right now it's hard for me to think kayak, it's been so cold.

In fact, I'm goin ice fishing tomorrow morning.

While I'm on the ice I'll fantasize being in the yak. ;)

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Starting to get my stuff together as well. Few modifications to the yak this month and I'll be ready.

While were on the subject of gear...

I used Stren braided line last year. No complaints. I think its still in good condition, does anyone see a need to replace it? Stuffs kind of expensive.

I replace the monofiliment line on all my freshwater gear each year, thats whats got me thinking.

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I thought I would post the list that I have developed for myself and yak fishing. As I age I realize if I don't have stuff written down I may just forget something and I don't want to show up at a midnight launch and not have a headlamp or paddle or some other critical piece of equipment.

I am sure there is more to add to the list. Also I never bring everything here but at least I have a reference to check before leaving the house. I am sure some others will not want or need as much but I thought it might be helpful to show what I bring. The season, weather, type of fishing, being solo or in a group all affect what I bring.

A bunch of critical survival and other important gear I keep in a dry box so in case of an emergency I can try and salvage that box to help with survival and rescue. Of course the most critical stuff is on my PFD so no matter what happens I have that stuff. Hopefully I will never need a bunch of it but someday I may and I also want to be in a position to help others on the water. Add water and real fish to this list and you should be pretty set to go :fish:


PFD (whistle,dive knife,light VHF Waterproof Radio, tape measure)



Spare Paddle

Paddle Leash

Paddle Gloves (Mysterioso +/or neoprene)

Seat pads

Anchor & Line

Spray Skirt (SOT only)

Bilge Pump (SOT only)

Paddle Float (SOT only)

Water Bottles & Food

Dive Watch & attached compass


Mysterioso/Wet Suit/Waders

Wading Belt/Dry Top etc.

Paddling Shoes or Wading Shoes

Sun Hat

Winter Hat

Extra Clothing

Sunglasses & strap

Bungee Cords (to hold dry boxes etc.)

Scupper Plugs

Throw Line & float


Stern Pole Light

Bow Running Lights

Eyeglass Strap

Cell Phone

Digital Camera

Spare Eyeglasses

GPS & RAM Mount

Airhorn (still need to purchase)

Deck Compass


Dry Bags/Dry Boxes

Kayak Cart


Gear Leashes

Maps/Tide Charts/Aerial Photos



Rod Holders (Ram & Scotty)

Lures & Tubes

Burlap Bag & Ice (for keepers)


Fillet Knife

Bait (Worms, Eels etc.)

Soft Insulated Lunchbag & Ice Pack Scrubby Pad (to hold Bait)

Braid Scissors

Lip Gripper/Scale

Ice & Big Cooler (in car for keepers)

FishFinder & Charged Battery & RAM mount

Rod Leashes

Drift Sock

Floating Box (for fishing gear)

Hand Gaff (have but not used yet)


Signal Mirror

Space Blanket


Spare Eyeglasses

Spare AA Batteries

Snack bars, peanuts etc.


Lip Balm



Extra boat light & flashlight

Duct Tape

First-aid Kit

Bug Spray


Spare Clips etc.

WD 40


Paper Towels

Small magic marker

Ziplocks (for rod leashes)

Big medicine vial w/matches,lighter,quarters/whistle/rubber bands/hardware clips

* be sure to have recharged batteries: VHF Radio/Fishfinder/GPS/Lights/Cell Phone

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Man I can't wait! I hope action at Susky Flats in Mayland gets heated up. I hope to get down there. Who knows, a few weeks or early April could be the time.

Kris, I just replaced Power Pro on my lighter gear from two years ago. I only changed it because some frey was showing. On my trolling set ups I always swap out lines regardless. Your right about price, braid is not cheap.

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Been tying up a storm of late.Went to 1st light for some materials and ended up buying a 10wt. temple Fork.Now I'm dying to fish it.March is the longest month of the year but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel ;) Lefty

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Jeff how long of a drive is it to Susky?Lefty

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I would say between 7-8 hours. Too fly down is short money but finding the place to rent a decent kayak might be tough. I made plans to go down last year after picking up a kayak from KFS but reports out of there were bad because of opening dams and turning the water an ugly brown color. On that info I did not go.

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I use Stren Super Braid also. I love. I do most surfcasting. I am just starting to get into kayakfising.

I would recommend inverting the line. That is, re-spool it from backwards to forwards: take the line off the spool onto another spool and then take the end of the line, tie it to the reel and re-spool. Therefore, the end of the line that got the most water/action is now buried in the spool and the end of the line that got the least action/water is now at the begging. Clear as mud?

I would also visually inspect the line: fraying etc. You could also just pull on the line with a good amount of resistance from the drag. I did this last fall at night (very dark night) and a 4-6 foot section just snapped off; there was some fraying that I could not see.

Surfland has fair prices on braid and they spool the line for you. But, you could always shop on line and buy braid in large (1000 yr or 2000 yrd) spools, which is less expensive in the long run.

How many yards do you have on your spool.

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I just placed an order for two more Star Rods Stellar Lite 1/2 2 1/2. These rods are the balls. Lite, senstitve and has the balls to bring in huge Stripers. Should have them by next week.

I have made the decision on the next kayak. Looks like I am going with the Prowler 13. I am going to get the modified front hatch kit with it. This will be a perfect kayak to get into Spring time hold overs. If anyone knows of any local stores that sells Prowler 13's let me know.

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Hi Gumbo, that was quite the listing. Thank you.

I, too, keep a list. It's tacked next to my yak, though, not as detailed.

The one item that is at the top of my list, however, is "The float plan", especially if I'm out by myself. :boat:

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Hey Jeff,

Do you know when you are planning to go down to the susky flats yet? When you decide let me know. If I can i would love to go along too. that area is not too far from where i grew up, and I know alot of people in that area. I might be able to get some good info, and possible even a place to crash for a night or two. anyway let me know when you plan on going.

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Thanks Saltie...great idea turning the line around. I'll take the line off and see how it looks.

I start the spool with mono and then put ~150' or so.

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Guyza, Good point on the float plan. I always let my wife know where I am going and when I expect to be back. I guess leaving a map and schedule in the car would be good to do also. However, I would not want it on the dash because then it would be easy for someone to break into the car since they would know how long I was going to be away. What is your method Guyza?

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Hi Again

The purpose of a float plan is to ensure SOMEBODY knows:

1. You are out on the water.

2. Location of put in.

3. Expected time to return.

Needs to be on paper, cause my wife and kids are not familiar with all the areas I frequent and here are examples of why I write it down.

"Hey Mom, did Dad say he was going to the pond or the river?

"Gee, it's getting dark, what time is Dad coming home? He's been gone a long time".

"Dad is on the river but I don't remember which end he was on" ;)

Also, I will not assume that a cell phone will "bail me out". Cells are a second line of defense, not the first.

Sheet happens to cell phones, too.

Write it down!

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Hi Guys, I've been thinking about checking this site/forum out for awhile and finally did. Great set-up. Looks like Jeff has taken this forum under his wing and couldn't think of a better north shore guy to do it. See some other familiar names - KrisL and Gumbo, form over at KFS. I'm soo cabin fevered up i don't know what to do with myself. With this winter it seems like spring is just an illusion. Jeff I'm hoping to head up to the susky flats as well. Hopefully JoeV and I will be able to get our schedules to work out. Well figured I'd just say Hi and I'll have to start coming over to this board a little more. That is if you guys accept Southerners ;)


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Swanny welcome! Good to hear from you. This is where we hang out when not on KFS. I look forward to this upcoming season and hopefully head down to Susky as well. I wish I could find rentals down there for a decent SOT. I would think it would be an 8 hour drive from Boston, maybe a little less.

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