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Pair & Mid-Water Trawler Ban to Protect Herring

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Today, in Hyannis, the NE Fisheries Management Council approved a final draft of Herring Amendment 1 which will effectively ban Pair Trawlers and Mid-Water Trawlers from an area (roughly) from P.Town to Rockland and all waters west of that line from June through September of each year. The area includes Cape Cod Bay, Mass Bay, Stellwagen Bank, Ipswich Bay and most of Jeffreys Bank. Final vote will be at the January 2006 Council meeting in Portland.

I had to leave before all parts of the amendment were passed but the bulk of it has and it will be ratified at their January 2006 meeting to be effective June 1, 2006.

This plan was supported by the Cape Cod Commercia Hook Fishermen, Mass. Bass Association, Coastal Conservation Association and a number of other commercial and recreational fishermens and environmental groups and is the culmination of three years work by the Council.

This action, coupled with the MA closure of taking Herring/Alwifes from coastal runs should go a long way to returning Herrine as the #1 forage fish for Stripers, Blues, Cod, Tuna, etc.

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