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new gimic or ?????

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My vote - gimmick! When ever you read a statement like, "attracts fish from a half a mile away", you know it's time to move on. :banana:

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Fool-a-Fish is based on research that shows fish see and are attracted to light in the ultra-violet spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye. Fool-a-Fish is an odorless, colorless compound that causes your bait or lure to shine with reflected ultraviolet light.

I agree with Cruzin , it is thought provoking. BUT! Hold on....

I cannot see it. I cannot smell it. Right. How can I verify it? I could always reserve some lab time in the physical chemistry lab at my alma marta.....but that you take me away from the water's edge.

Research. Right. Research is a subjective activity. In what scientific journal was this "research" published in. I am not convinced that a fish's eye can "see" into the UV spectrum.

I could be wrong. But, I would not spend my money on it.

- Saltie.

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I know birds and insects can see UV and flowers give off UV to attract them but I'm not sure why game fish would need UV vision and even if they did have it would it extend their regular vision to be able to see 1/2 mile under water. A half mile is a long way. I don't think a million candle power light could be seen 1/2 mile under the sea.

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Hey folks! I am developing a lure. You will be able to set it to any species you want. You just tie it to your line, set it to the type fish you want to catch, put it in the water and PRESTO! Back it comes with what you asked for. Already hooked, you just need to lift it out of the water.

These lures will come in both fresh and salt water models to cover both styles of fishing. I should have them available by the time Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's are up and running in New England.

No more gimmicks to worry about or get stuck with, this lure will take the brains out of fishing altogether. You will never need to buy another lure or bait ever. Think of all the $$$ you will save.

These will be relatively cheap...$500 a lure.

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