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Piscat outside and upper

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After going to Septemberfest Saturday morning and pick'in some new hunting gear, I was ready to put away the rod and pick up the bow that afternoon. But my daughter and neice wanted to go for a ride in the "lobster" boat. We get down to the mouth to find birds diving and fish busting. Every cast w/ a popper hooked a mid sized blue.

Here is Morgan w/ her first chopper.


They never touched the cut macks, divers, or jig. Just dailed in on the minnows on the surface. Tried for one w/ the fly rod but couldn't get it to gether in the wind.

I decided then to launch the aquasport (which I'd talked myself out of a week before) and head-out sharking on Sunday. It took $250 to fill'er up (out of my Allagash trip fund) and we in by 6:30am Sunday. Forcast was marginal w/ 10-15 & 2-4', get past 2KR to find 15-25 Erly w/ 4-7'. After ten minuted of taking it nose on and a few soakings we give up on the blue-dog run and look for choppers. No birds to be found & no chance on spotting a blitz, we troll diver and poppers. Again the poppers got the bite on. Lost count on how many but from 7:30 to 10:30 we didn't go 10 minutes w/o a hit. Lots of big boys, many doubles and a few hat tricks. Never surface trolled for blues before, what a blast; a couple even cleared the water as they hit.

Took friend out, from down South, last night, whos in town for the race. Didn't get 200 yards and stripers everywhere; 15"-30" taking anything we threw @ them. Fished with-in site of the dock all evening. Had maybe 1/2 dozen casts w/o a strike. Was able to catch fish on every plug/jig/rubber in my bag :lol: .

Those deer are safe for a few more weeks, cause I can't pass up fishing like this. :P

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Yeah, very nice post and picture.

She looks awfully happy. Kool!

I've been wonderin about the Piscat lately.

Have not had the time to find out.


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