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I'd like to welcome you to my site and tell you a little bit about it. The Name New England Homecooking came from my Dad, he had a great website that was very popular. Due to uncontrolable circumstances he didn't have the time to keep up with his site.. He plans to stop by and help me with the site He's the origanal Recipe man. Myself, I am born and raised New England in MA, I am a Mom to five beautiful children ranging from 18 all the way down to 2. I work in the medical field with the elderly. I used to run a section on my husbands website called Firehouse recipes.. that became very popular and really wasn't fitting into my husbands scanning / police and fire website LOL.. He said I was turning it into a Betty Crocker site. , So Here I am..Thats why a lot of the recipes here are geared towards the firehouses. Let me tell you those men and women know how to cook! I hope everyone enjoys thier stay.
Check out the recipes and let us know what you think!

Homecooking New England Style

Homecooking New England Style

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