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Fishing Pictures

Do you have any fishing pictures that you would like to show off to the world? Would love to see them and maybe put them up on our web site! Send them to us!

Yes 'Plum Island' this is for you...
Please be sure and include all the details like:
- Where You Caught It (State and Area)
- Time of Day
- Time of Year
- Bait Used
- From Shore or Boat
- And Anything Else You Think A Sport Fisher Would Like to Know! Photo gallery

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Mermaid Seafaris

Description: Good news comes in all forms and I am happy to report that all colors of the squidzee lures (black, amber, yellow,& pink) have worked very great over the last few weeks since its introduction. The black Squidzee has become my personal favorite for fishing at night, complemented by a dark purple tail consisting of a half a dozen saddle hackle feathers and a couple of strands of pink holographic film.


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