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Seafood Recipes

After a day on the water, why don't you try something new with your catch? With an ever growing database of seafood recipes, finding something new should be easy.

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Recipes / Snapper
Although the American Red Snapper is the most easily recognizable, there are over 100 different species of the snapper family located in tropical waters around the world. Favored by chefs, the Red Snapper has firm white flesh, and makes a vibrant presentation.

1:Vera Cruz Red Snapper
(1) Preheat the broiler while you make the sauce. (2) In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium and saute the garlic onions and yellow pepper for 2 minutes. (3) Add the cumin and oregano and ...
2:Red Snapper with Ginger and Tamarind Sauce
Score the fish on both sides with 3 or 4 X's, each about 2 inches long and1/4 inch deep. Rub cavity of fish lightly with 1/2 teaspoon salt. Place fish into a steamer. If you are like me and do not own...
3:Whole Fried Red Snapper
For the snapper, remove the gills, air bubble lining and scales from the fish. Cut 1/4 inch deep slits vertically down the fish three times from head to tail. Season the fish well, starting from the i...

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